Other M – Part II [ COMIC ]

Screw the zero suit, Mega Man got to see Samus in her birthday suit. Hey, now!

Today’s guest strip is done by Jamie Noguchi who is the creator of Yellow Peril and is also twistedly brilliant person responsible for unleashing the adorable abomination called Puppy Cow upon the world. He’s also the first person to ever create and multi-page guest strip story for Dueling Analogs. Today is part two of three. The first part ran yesterday and the conclusion will be tomorrow. He did an awesome job on this story. Thanks, Jamie.

Oh, not sure what’s going on with all the guest strips? Then read this news post.


  • ANdy

    Wow, thats a great comic! Love it! ^_^ Birthday suit ftw

  • Thunderclaw

    Oh, the puns. Great art!

    I hope this doesn’t end up as all being a dream…

  • H3xx

    0_0… Wow!

  • Static

    I wonder what’s gonna come from this… Samus Man? Or Mega Samus…

    • Giuseppe

      Mega Samus Man

    • Mega Ran – Teacher, Rapper, Hero

  • Ryu

    “Rock is getting a bunch of new powers…”

    “He’s also going to show off his secret power that he got from Web Man.”

  • Scott Hall

    This strip is pretty shitty… I sort of can’t wait to see how it concludes for some morbid reason.

  • J. G.

    Why do I have this horrible feeling that Mega Man is going to wake up in the morning and find that he has acquired Samus’ VD? Wasn’t that what someone said about a sex in video games comic a while back?

  • Randomgamerdude

    Did Megaman absorb his Protection Powers like he was supposed to?

  • Doc Lithius

    See there? Plant Barrier is good for something after all!


  • Flammable Hippie

    Hahaha. Mega Man is a lucky bastard… Samus is mine… *fetal position* T_T

  • odderz

    Always have imagined Samus as being dominant.

  • it… gave me… a boner…

    • dacres

      welcome to strait shouta

  • Jenova

    Awesome Jamie… just Awesome…

  • Nighkali

    Wait… How old is megaman.. I have a feeling this might be a pedo-bear may be lurking somewhere.

    • Mega Man was first released in 1987, making him at least 13 years old. If we assume he was originally designed to be the same age as the target audience, probably ten, that would make him conceptually 23. Considering he is a robot, however, and not a human, I would say that statutory rape laws no more apply to him (especially if he’s consenting) than a vibrator. That said, he is still designed to resemble a child, so it is kinda messed up.

      • Garfunkel

        More like actually 23, conceptually 33, if he was created in 1987.

  • allow me to be the first to give you props on the legoman priest, Jami.

  • Daniel

    Um…isn’t Mega Man a robot?

  • prime_pm

    @omega Don’t you mean Rock?

  • The Anarchyz

    So i guess Megaman finished the enemies in less than 30 minutes so he got to see the birthday suit XD XD XD

  • Rob

    “Hey kid, wanna /ss/?”

  • Demus

    I guess you could say Samus go to see how ‘mega’ a man he is. *Rimshot*

  • i hope he already got Wood Man’s powers. Awesome job Jamie!

  • Go Mega Man! Except…. Doesn’t that make Samus a sort of pedophile?

    • He’s Mega MAN not Mega Boy.

      • Ryu

        “Except he’s still a robot, so he’s neither, and there’s really no determining his age, given that the game spans from 200X to 20XX, which could make him anything from 1 to 90-something. Given Dr. Light was already an old guy when he built him, I’d say he’s no more than 20 in any given game, but it really depends on when all this takes place.”

        “Of course, none of that matters, because he’s a robot! He’s perpetually the same physical maturity as he always was and always will be unless Dr. Light wants to alter him. Also, depending on whether or not we’re discussing what age he ‘seems’ to be, or how many actual years he’s been in existence, I’m sure some of you are probably using ‘pedophile’ wrong. It’s probably closer to hebephilia (screw you Firefox, that’s a word) if based on the age he seems to be.”

      • Adentai

        Well, according to the mega man wiki, he has the appearance of a ten year old boy. I think having that knowledge made this strip a lot creepier to me.

        But some people liked it, so whatever.

  • Chatterout

    Psh, I dont care if he was JUST designed to look like a 10 year old….HE LOOKS LIKE A 10 year old! I call pedo on samus…ohhh you dirty dirty girl, better go lock her up before she blames her romance on alchohol!