Undead Wrong [ COMIC ]

“Nice try, but Chris and Claire Redfield’s parents died in a car accident. And that happened long before the events of the first game.” Good observation, but last time I checked Dueling Analogs was not considered canon for Resident Evil or any other video game for that matter. And if it is… Whoa, Nelly!

Yeah… Just wanted to nip that in the butt before someone posted something about that in comments section. You see I find that for a lot of the readers anything that I post after the initial comment section is ignored and the only things I actually said is what is written in this area.

So Monday at 8pm is the 1000th episode of X-Play on G4. Not sure if I should do a special comic for the event. Scott already did a brilliant comic about X-Play a few years back. Definitely would be hard to top. But I still have five days to think about it, so I might try to tackle it. I do have something in mind, just not sure if I can pull it off. We’ll see…

And I guess you’ll just have to come back Monday to see if I pull it off as well. See you then!