Undead Wrong [ COMIC ]

“Nice try, but Chris and Claire Redfield’s parents died in a car accident. And that happened long before the events of the first game.” Good observation, but last time I checked Dueling Analogs was not considered canon for Resident Evil or any other video game for that matter. And if it is… Whoa, Nelly!

Yeah… Just wanted to nip that in the butt before someone posted something about that in comments section. You see I find that for a lot of the readers anything that I post after the initial comment section is ignored and the only things I actually said is what is written in this area.

So Monday at 8pm is the 1000th episode of X-Play on G4. Not sure if I should do a special comic for the event. Scott already did a brilliant comic about X-Play a few years back. Definitely would be hard to top. But I still have five days to think about it, so I might try to tackle it. I do have something in mind, just not sure if I can pull it off. We’ll see…

And I guess you’ll just have to come back Monday to see if I pull it off as well. See you then!


  • AJ

    Lulz, after something like that incident I’d be jumpy at every dead body I saw aswell.

  • Liquid

    Fuck XPlay, Tech TV is dead and G4 is a cesspool.
    Once the greatest show, now the token “video game” show on a network that was once exclusively such.
    If you were to make a comic about it, you would have to make it have nothing to do with video games.

  • NaruZap

    I’m always up for an adam sessler joke

  • Mariner

    I used to be able to watch Tech TV all day long, now I can barely watch G4 for 5 minutes. Down with G4! Long live Tech TV!

  • TechXero

    Tech TV and G4 were ok seperate but together they developed into absolute crap, if you’re going to do a special, do one of mocking them, not honoring them. Also nice strip, can never be too safe…

  • kaala

    I can so relate to this. My fiance shoots every enemy in the head after death regardless of if he’s playing a zombie game or not.

  • Jesus

    i like g4 but only like three shows that’s all all the rest is nothing but crap

  • Nice try, but Chris and Claire Redfield’s parents died in a car accident. And that happened long before the events of the first game.

  • DJ

    I used to love TechTv but I didn’t discover it until it had already been combined with G4. This was early on though and it was still chock full of video game and tech shows that my young geek self loved.

    My family moved and we ended up with a different provider that didnt have TechTv so I was left without for a long time and when I finally heard we were getting it back I was piss my pants excited…and then I watched it and the sadness set in.

    I mean…why do they still call it “Tv for Gamers” when the majority of their programming is Cops, Cheaters and Ninja mother-fucking Warrior.

    I miss Screensavers. I miss X-Play (when it was good). I miss all those ooey gooey tech shows.

  • Fedora Manchu

    Well, I guess it’s a good thing that Chris didn’t have a liter, and there wasn’t any gasoline around…

  • A.L.

    Aww man,I almost cried when I found out we had TechTv when we moved,and I almost cried some more when I found out Tech Tv and G4 were combining.I was completely full of joy.And then around 05 it started into its slow decent into obscurity and crude.I cried some more,but more in a disgusted like-my-best-friend-just-died kinda way.That channel has not been the same since.

  • Mukofish

    I kinda wish Dueling analogs was canon… Mario would be so much more interesting after any of the Dueling Analog story lines

  • @Mukofish That would be awesome.