Gimmick a Break! [ COMIC ]

Today’s guest strip was done by Joe Dunn a.k.a. the lord of webcomics a.k.a. Lord Dunmore the former royal governor of Virginia… Did you know that Virginia is not actually a state, but a commonwealth? In fact three of the other 49 states are not actually states, but commonwealths as well. The other guilty parties are Kentucky, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Bring that up and impress your friends.

Back on track, today’s comic was done by Dunn. Joe Dunn that is. Whom not only one of the funniest guys on the net, but is also the creator of Free Lunch, Matriculated, The Coffee Achievers, Turtle VS. Bunny and of course Joe Loves Crappy Movies… I think I missed like thirty of the other webcomics he worked on, but I remembered all I could. I first started talking to Joe when he did the first guest strip EVER for the outer circle back in March of ’06. I’ve been a fan of Joe Loves Crappy Movies for years now and got hooked on Matriculated after picking it up at the SPX… kudos to you too Phil. I really can’t recommend Joe Dunn’s vast number of creations enough. They are just that awesome. GO READ THEM NOW!

Side note… incase you didn’t know or forgot, Joe Dunn did the foreword to the first book of the outer circle which will be released very soon. Big news about that November 26th, so stay tuned. The guest strips continue next week… thanks for that Freakdood. See you then!