Support Issues [ COMIC ]

There was an article on Kotaku this week about how some of the WiiWare developers are not thrilled with the lack of support that Nintendo is giving to that aspect of the platform. Seriously, this is nothing new. Nintendo has always had a hands off kind of philosophy when it came to third party developers. In their mind they have no problem supporting or promoting their own games so why the hell should you. It’s nothing new. They’ve been doing it like forever and right now they’re definitely not suffering from that philosophy. With the emphasis on “right now” of course.

I decided to do this strip in a newspaper editorial comic kind of feel. Just felt it worked best for the joke.

Okay, question time. How would you feel if I changed the days of the week that Dueling Analogs came out on? I was thinking of having new Dueling Analogs comics on Mondays and Wednesdays now… BUT I was also thinking about running “Dueling Analogs Presents: The Consoles” on Fridays. They would be similar to the regular console comics that appear on the site every now and then, but they would be updated to use line artwork instead of the vector images that are currently used and a few other minor changes. In the end, this means more work for me. So if this is something that you guys would or wouldn’t be interested in seeing, drop a line in the comment section of this posting and let me know. Thanks.

That’s it for now. See you on Monday!