Bad Trip [ COMIC ]

Yes, I know what his hat looks like. Thank you.

I’ve been playing the hell out of Super Mario Bros. Crossover today and as such I totally have Super Mario Bros. on the brain. Plus, since I was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this weekend I have that on the brain as well. Here’s a link for reference refreshment. I can’t believe it, but it’s actually been five years since Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was released. Time goes by fast when you actually have stuff going on. I miss my boring past sometimes.

Ugh, really need to get some new games to play but haven’t even had the time to play them lately. Super Street Fighter IV came out on Tuesday and 3D Dot Game Heroes comes out in a couple weeks. Decisions, decisions. Maybe I should just get a GameFly account. Seriously… Why the hell don’t I have a GameFly account? I could definitely use it and it would be a business expense, too. I know something I will be signing up for tomorrow.

See you on Monday…


  • David

    That squirrel scene was just creepy.

  • Rezanator

    Well the only problem with gamefly is that it does not have compatibility for 64bit computer last time I check, otherwise I would have gotten an account already. Hopefully it works with windows 7.

  • I broke down and got a gamefly account a few months ago. Okay, so it sucks on brand new releases, but I usually buy the games I really want anyway(Mass Effect 2). But it is a wonderful thing when it comes to short games, like Dante’s Inferno and Wet. I don’t want to pay $50 for something that takes 10 hrs to beat. Plus it’s a running queue of all the games you want to play but forget about (like we all promise ourselves we’ll make but never do.) This is my refer-a-friend link if you decide you want to try it.

  • Get Beat Hazard through Steam. It’s kinda like Audiosurf, in that it uses your music to determine the game’s content — but this one’s a bullet-hell-dodging shooter with asteroids, big boss-ships, and enough visual stimulus to trigger epileptic attacks. I plan on buying a copy myself real soon.

  • tubazo1989

    A Gamefly account would be perfect overall for you if you have trouble finding time to play games in general. That way newer, longer games like 3-D Dot Heroes (Which looks awesome btw! Awesome online reviews also) don’t seem like a huge commitment.

    Depending on how well you like Street Fighter in general, let alone Street Fighter 4, you can’t go wrong with Super Street Fighter 4. Pick it up for 10 minutes before you make another awesome comic or get something almost as important like…………food, and you’ll have a blast. Plus it’ll be there ready for you when your ready to bunker down and get good with new characters. I own it for PS3 and my PSN ID is “tubazo1989” if you want some pointers or general help.

    Lastly, I can’t thank you enough for reminding me how awesome Super Mario Bros. Crossover is! Have a great weekend!

  • KDL_CR

    This is so weird, I’m playing Augustus Gloop in the musical of Willy Wonka!

  • Lax

    That guy looks like the one from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

  • Snakebyte

    GARGHHH!!!! Not the Johnny Depp As Pedophile Michael Jackson in the Needless Burton Remake of Childhood Slaughtering Horror!

    Why?!?! Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory in 1971 is the ONLY one fit for reference, surely!