Bad Trip [ COMIC ]

Yes, I know what his hat looks like. Thank you.

I’ve been playing the hell out of Super Mario Bros. Crossover today and as such I totally have Super Mario Bros. on the brain. Plus, since I was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this weekend I have that on the brain as well. Here’s a link for reference refreshment. I can’t believe it, but it’s actually been five years since Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was released. Time goes by fast when you actually have stuff going on. I miss my boring past sometimes.

Ugh, really need to get some new games to play but haven’t even had the time to play them lately. Super Street Fighter IV came out on Tuesday and 3D Dot Game Heroes comes out in a couple weeks. Decisions, decisions. Maybe I should just get a GameFly account. Seriously… Why the hell don’t I have a GameFly account? I could definitely use it and it would be a business expense, too. I know something I will be signing up for tomorrow.

See you on Monday…