Sprite and Wrong Way [ COMIC ]

Basically it goes like this: modern TVs ruin old games and newer games look like crap on older TVs. As I said, that’s the gist of it.

Some of you may remember that I am a collector of retro games. And I can definitely say that I’ve seen a distortion of quality in older titles on an HD TV. Hell, PSOne games are nearly unplayable, unless sprite based, on an HD TV. Don’t believe me? Go grab your copy of Metal Gear Solid for the PSOne and try to play it. The graphics are so pixelated and awkward it’s nearly impossible. At that point if you still need your MGS fix, you’ll be better off picking up a copy of Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes for the GameCube and playing that… if you can find it. Still on the other side of the coin, games like Dead Rising have such tiny text on the screen that you’re almost being punished by Capcom for try to play this game on an analog TV.

Basically it comes down to this, don’t get rid of your older TV when you get your new one. Unless, you never plan on playing older titles ever again or if you just don’t care. But I do care. And that’s why I still have my old analog TV. That and no one would give me more than $5 for the thing.

In merchandising news, you already know about the Cloud Lied, Aerith Died (shirt) re-order. Well, I just wanted to remind you that you save $2 off the regular price by pre-ordering. This offer isn’t going to last for long. Better hurry.