No Disguise for That Bungivision [ COMIC ]

Actually, I believe they’ll be teaming up together to create The Lost Spartans.

If you don’t know by now Bungie, the creators of Marathon, and Activision, the company that brought us Fishing Derby for the Atari 2600, have partnered together for a ten year deal behind a new upcoming franchise [source]. Beyond that information is pretty scarce, but we know for sure that it will be a brand new IP and not an existing one. So no, Bungie will not be developing any Call of Duty games.

This got me thinking… Remember when EA was the third-party developer to hate? Well, now that Activision Blizzard holds that title they seem to be the targets of nerd rage. Just something I noticed. Not sure if it’s because of Activision’s recent screw ups, it comes with the title or a little bit of both.

That’s it for now. See you on Thursday…


  • The Anarchyz

    Good one XD

    I don’t hate Activision, but i find interesting that a company that was founded on the basis of art and creativity more that milikng franchises and treating developing teams like programming monkeys (Activision was founded by devs like David Crane who were sick of how Ray Kassar was screwing them at Atari), and now they’re doing the same thing… Well, i hope that this Bungie-Activision partnership leads to something cool, i was sick of Bungie making just Halo, i still have Marathon, Myth and Oni…

  • David

    You know, a mod to be able to do this would be interesting. But I am kind of getting sick of the constant Halo games. Maybe they can make one that’s sort of different? Like a new series, like Metroid Prime.

  • Tinq

    Yes, it’s both.

  • Found a typo. First paragraph, 2nd last line. you said “that it will ‘me’ a brand new IP”
    I think it suppose to be a ‘be’

  • @JoshMan Thanks! I fixed it.

  • Lol, awesome idea. Each time you get a hammer on perfectly, someone gets headshotted. It would make battling other players way more violent.
    I wonder why Guitar Hero never added more recognizable playable characters from other franchises like Master Chief, I mean, I know for legal purposes it can’t be done but I get annoyed of playing some dude with a huge upper body, gives a whole new meaning to playing *lead guitar.

    *made of **heavy metal.
    **weighs alot, not in the hardcore sense.

  • Johnny Chrome

    This needs to be a poster.

  • Zanduar

    I have a feeling that Bungie will do something related to Marathon.

  • Gelugon_Baat

    It could have been even funnier if you used an Elite instead of a Spartan for the pose, but the default poster boy is good enough!

  • David

    I know Bungie remain independent in the deal, but it still seems like a crazy time to be getting in bed with Activision.