I’ma Gunnin’ for You [ VIDEO ]

These type of weapons would make the shortest Super Mario Bros. game ever.

Side note, my oldest daughter and I pulled out the NES this weekend to play some Super Mario Bros. 3. It’s fun watching her learn these games that I have been playing for decades. I’m also curious if her being left-handed is playing factor in the learning curve for her. I know it wouldn’t have been as much fun for me had the standard layout been reversed. Nonetheless, fun time with my kid I wanted to share.

source: Dorkly


  • Akoi Meexx

    I just have this craving to see a shyguy running around holding that modified bullet bill cannon cackling like mad.

  • Vilhelm

    If you’re talking about left-handedness affecting controller use? I’m a lefty, and I always felt like I had it easier the right-handed players, as I’d rather have my dominant hand on the control pad or joystick than just whacking the buttons. I’m honestly surprised that controllers are laid out the way they are, as the rest of the world is generally designed to cater to righties.

    • That’s cool. She mainly plays PC games, so she’s more accustom to the mouse and keyboard.

      • Anonymous

        Another lefty here. I’ve found that, presumably due to video games and computers, the only thing my right hand CAN’T do as well as my left hand is write.

        • David

          That’s pretty much where I land. I was actually pretty shocked to find that using a left handed keyboard/mouse setup was a thing. For the most part game/PC controls are just labels. Left thumb and right thumb are doing the same thing.

          On a personal note I’d love to not be left handed when it comes to pencils. Made school a massive pain for me.

        • Definitely good to know. I really do appreciate the responses.

  • Needs a punchline where the camera pans to the two after Mario’s demise.
    “See? Was that so hard?”

    Koopa installs BB guns in all the turrets.
    Mario: Well, that wasn’t too bad…
    Bowser: *pulls out gun at Koopa* I think we need another demonstration…

  • J317

    Mario:Bowser! Im here for the (Gets shot.) OH GOD.