Old Super Mario [ VIDEO ]

I’ve seen a lot of Super Mario Bros. related content containing Luigi over the years and in the vast majority of them Luigi is straight. Thing is, I have never seen him that way. I’ve always been under the assumption that not only is Luigi gay, he is flamboyantly gay.

I highly doubt that Nintendo would ever come out and actually admit it, but I do think the signs and undertones are always present. Still with all their wackiness, Nintendo is still a pretty conservative company. I don’t see them trying to rock the boat, anytime soon, by having Luigi come out of the closet…Even if the door is already wide open.

Speaking of Nintendo, did you know that they just celebrated their 125 birthday yesterday? They were founded in 1889! If you combined the age of Sony and Microsoft together, it’s still less than Nintendo’s. Insane!

Happy Birthday, Nintendo!

source: YouTube