What Time is it?! [ COMIC ]

Yes, I do watch a lot of Cartoon Network.

Pokémon Time

So I had the idea of doing a comic about Ash always going out to find catch new Pokémon because he didn’t want to finally settle down with Misty. And in my original idea, Brock was his wing man who bailed him out. But when I imagined how many more Pokémon he was going to say there were I couldn’t get past a million bijillion being the answer. Now, I found it hard to fathom that being said with traditional characters from Pokémon, but found it very easy to believe characters from Adventure Time saying it. Which in turn reminded me of the Pokémon Time image created by fwosh (see above). Which inevitably led me to here…Wherever here is.


  • Zeroman

    Pokemon time, Come on grab your legions
    We’ll go to very, very distant regions
    With Pika the Chu and Ash the human
    Game Freak makes sure it’ll never end
    Pokemon Time~

    • mrboots

      Niiice. Sung to the tune of Adventure Time.

      • Zeroman

        That was the plan :P. Also was it bad that I read this in the Adventure Time cast voices instead the Pokemon cast voices

        • mrboots

          IMO no. I honestly did the same thing. :)

        • I did the same thing, as well.

  • mrboots

    Also, Adventure Time! Had to say it.

  • blackguard

    I think he already has enough firepower to conquer the world.

  • Aaron

    This just might be the greatest thing.

    Thank you.

  • Rascal

    Well, the most awesome thing to grace the internet. There it is. Sir, this made my day and everyone I could possibly show it to.

  • austin128

    That is so awesome and so funny! Fantastic job! :)

  • AntiAvenger

    This mixes my favorite currently running cartoon with a GREAT gag… Laughing all the way though!

  • Jetstream

    What… The… hell?


    … What?

    • TecXero

      I’m with you on this one. Think the last cartoon I’ve ever watched was Freakazoid.

      • Jetstream

        I watch cartoons all the time. But what the hell is THIS?

  • Like that’s his kid to begin. Wouldn’t put it pass me if Misty was very promiscuous.

  • bidoopoo

    Wow…now I’m left pondering the logistics of human on bubblegum/human hybrid sex.

    Like exactly how would that work, really? And does the fact that Ash Ketchum/Jake the human doesn’t yet have pubes become a plus?

    Because I can’t imagine getting groiny with Misty/Princess Bubblegum enough to knock her up would be all that fun if you’re stuck to her by your short curlies every time.

    • bidoopoo

      Shit. I meant Finn the human.

      Although Jake screwing Princess Bubblegum does seem to be an alarmingly popular rule 34 image.

      And no, I’m not gonna post any links. If you wanna see it that bad Google exists for a reason.

      • Exactly. Google exists to make you weep for humanity.

  • Socrates

    DUDE. You’re so good! The dialogue, the art! this was perfect in every conceivable way!!!!!!!!!

    • Cattgirl

      I totally agree. This has to be his finest work

      I’ve been fallowing him for a few years now, and I rarely comment but this is the exception. Well done Steve, really well done. I suggest making a print of this one or a poster or something. It deserves it!

      Cheers! <3

  • ramdonperson

    Well, I’ve been a fan of this comic for a long time.. from luigi putting a hedgehog up his ass to nipple-hat kirby.. but now i think i’m finally going to have to shoot myself. that’s TWO childhoods down the drain.

    See you next week!

  • Alastor

    I remember the original Adventure Time pilot made no sense, and was awesome to watch high.

    Now? It and Chowder can die in a whole. Give us Dexter and Animaniacs back!

    Not your fault though Steve.

  • Eric

    I remember the original Adventure Time pilot made no sense, and was awesome to watch high.

    Now? It and Chowder can die in a whole. Give us Dexter and Animaniacs back!

    Not your fault though Steve.

  • Brian

    I’m scared if this leaves this site fan wars will rage across the land making more fanfics about different characters far and wide

  • Omg everytime I watch adventure time I’m like wtf!? It just seems wrong. Little kids should not be watching it lol

  • Oromis

    Your Adventure Time drawing is fantastic, it looks just like the show. The thing that really pushed me to go through the painfully meticulous process of typing my email and name is the last 3 panels with Bubbleg…Misty’s expressions, they look so perfect :D