Rusty’s Pokémon Adventures [ VIDEO ]

This actually Dorkly’s third installment of the Pokémon Rusty series, but definitely my favorite so far. Rusty is definitely going to be one of the best Pokémon trainers EVAR!

source: Dorkly


  • Jnite

    Each pokeball was worse than the last, which is why I’m really curious about what was in the last pokeball that wasn’t opened.

    • Z2

      What was in the last pokeball? Why, the next episode of course.

      • Jnite

        I feel like I just read a line from an older cartoon show like Rocky and Bullwinkle. And now our next cartoon!

  • Phaelin

    This was fantastic. I usually groan at Dorkly bits, but I couldn’t help but laugh here.