What if VG Cats… [ COMIC ]

Of all the gaming webcomics on the net, VG Cats is hands down my favorite. I love Scott Ramsoomair’s art style, his sense of humor and the fact that I get 99.9% of the jokes. Man did I have fun putting this strip together. So far this is my favorite What if…? comic to put together. Fun, fun, fun…

If you haven’t realized this yet, I’m doing these What if…? comics every third Wednesday. So since today is the 29th, you can figure the next one will be on the 20th of December. I won’t ruin the surprise of which gaming comic is next, but I can tell you its a fellow member of Gamers Pair of Dice… hint, hint.

Oh, this comic completely sums up my opinion of the Wii. Even down to that fact that my naked time is not a group thing.