Soups Up! [ COMIC ]

For those of you that like the gaming console comics, this is for you. For those of you that don’t like the gaming console comics, the people who like them forced me to make this.

So right now I would normally discuss the comic. Or go off on some tirade about something or ‘nother. Or just ramble. Not today. Today I’m going to explain why Dueling Analogs hasn’t been updating as frequently lately.

You see, I found out last Thursday that I’m being laid off this Friday. And as the bread winner of the family, that’s some major financial burden weighing down on my shoulders right now. I usually try to keep who I really am and my online persona separate. But this situation no only affects me, but my wife and daughter as well.

So from one person creating online comics to another person that reads them, I’m asking for a little help. Buying anything from will definitely help me out (Also, there’s a new Cloud Lied, Aerith Died shirt I just put in there for pre-ordering, today). If you don’t want to buy something, but still want to help there’s always donating through PayPal. And if you can’t afford to give right now, that’s fine too. I don’t want my hardship to cause hardship for anyone else.

Thank you for your support…