What if Hilarity Comics… [ COMIC ]

It has almost been a year since the last What if…? comic. I didn’t even realize that it had been that long. This is the 13th comic in the series and is technically also the 400th Dueling Analogs comic. I say technically because there are 29 guest comics done by other people, 1 is a filler image, 1 is a YouTube video and 1 is a flash animation leaving 368 regular comics. So take it as you wish. Though November 17th is definitely the four year anniversary of Dueling Analogs. And it seems like only yesterday that I decided to take up sadism.

I decided to do the latest incarnation of the series as a “What if Patrick Alexander, from Hilarity Comics, created Dueling Analogs?” Now Hilarity Comics is what you get if you mix F@NB0Y$, Ralph Bakshi and lots of drugs… I mean LOTS of them. It’s a really funny comic and one that I actually feel guilty laughing at… Okay, not really. I was just trying to save face. No guilt at all laughing at the comics. They are generally funny. Even the ones that conflict with comics I have created (figure those out on your own ;) ) Nonetheless, it is definitely worth checking out.