Wake Me Up Before You Go Go [ COMIC ]

Nothing like shooting your audience in the foot. Oh, wait! This is exactly like shooting your audience in the foot.

I think this is a very poor move on Sony’s part, getting rid of the UMD drives [source]. Not because I really think they are necessary. My God, those things took forever to load. No, because the transition period that almost every system is following now is missing by doing so.

Wiis still play GameCube games. PS3s still play PS1 and PS2 games. Xbox 360s still play Xbox games. And the Nintendo handheld line is the perfect candidate for why a PSP should still have a UMD… The Nintendo DSi uses downloads, but still supports Nintendo DS games. The Nintendo DS used DS cartridges, but still supported Game Boy Advance games. And finally the Game Boy Advance played advance cartridges, but still supported old school Game Boy games. You see what’s happening here? Nintendo pulls you on to the new stuff with out discarding what you already have. Sony on the other hand is saying, “This is the new format and your old stuff isn’t welcome.” Thanks a lot.

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  • tacothesmurf

    On the bright side, pirating games is going to be a cinch now. I really can’t see anything that the GO does that would make me want to buy one

  • The Anarchyz

    Kaz was very specific that the PSP Go will not replace the PSP 3000, they both will go along in stores, and they’re working on a solution for people that want to replace the 3000 with the Go along with the games they already have on UMD…

    For me, this is a perfect solution if they pull the transition of… I’m sick of those UMDs, draining the battery, making unnecesary noise and the loading times, my god, loading times, i can take those on a home console, but a handheld??? ninja please…

  • Ron

    I’m fairly sure they still will support hard copies of the games too…i remember hearing this in the E3 conference…

  • Wandel

    Sony are working on a way so that you can get your UMDs on to the Go via your computer. As for the backwards compatibility on other consoles: Sure, the Wii plays Gamecube games, but I’m pretty sure the 360 doesn’t play all Xbox games and if you buy a PS3 today, you’re only playing PSone games, since it doesn’t support PS2 anymore. We’re gettin screwed all around.

  • Yeah, I didn’t really like the new PSP Go thing… Having it just by downloads… not a good idea (not everyone can get a decent internet connection (but that is a poor example… another could be that an entire game could take HOURS to download… whilst a game that you buy wont feel so long (via UMD style)))

  • Looking at the above post:
    Wait? PS3s don’t support PS2s? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!? Is THIS still why you can buy the best console of its generation whilst the other two have stopped being produced?

  • Ugh, and another post…
    I also just thought, having an entire games thing via downloads… means you can’t buy a game that isn’t the real one… but it also means that you can’t sell the game to someone else when you are done with it, or you can’t trade games with a friend at some point… and seeing as it does all go onto the memory… then you’ll end up having to get rid of games to save space and then you lose money and so on….
    Now i’m pretty sure that is all I had to say…

  • WC

    What you’re missing is that there doesn’t -need- to be a transition period. Simply don’t buy a Go and you’ll be able to do everything with your old PSP that you can do with the new PSP Go. Seriously. They’re the same thing, except the new one is smaller and has less features, but more built-in memory. So just go buy a memory stick for your old PSP and ‘transition’ to your heart’s content.

  • J

    Yeah Chris, Sony dropped the PS3’s support for PS2 games around a year and a half ago. The early PS3s had the PS2’s Emotion Engine and Graphics Synthesizer inside, with a bit of software emulation. They later emulated the Emotion Engine, but never got over the need to have a physical version of the Graphics Synthesizer to run PS2 games. Presumably, they then decided to drop support for PS2 games to save money on producing PS3s. I suppose they earn more selling actual PS2s than by effectively giving one away with every PS3, but that sure is a strike against a console that could otherwise have piggybacked on the popularity of an enormously popular predecessor.

    Yay for run-ons.

  • J

    And btw, most (if not all) online game services tie your purchases to an account, so if you delete a title for space reasons, you can download it again later for free.

  • I guess I’m an early adopter on the PS3 as my system still plays PS2 titles just fine.

    As far as not replacing the PSP, the Nintendo DS was “never” suppose to replace the Game Boy Advance SP. But you see how that worked out.

    The download function is a great idea. But without a perpetual connection like an iPhone or being stationarily attached to a wi-fi signal like the consoles, I don’t think its a great idea. I buy a game, but I have to temporarily remove it due to space reasons. Then, I’m in an area where I want to play it but I can’t because I don’t have a wi-fi signal. Maybe if Sony did what Amazon did with the kindle which includes a 3g wireless with no monthly fees or charges ever. Then, it would be a really good device.

  • The Anarchyz

    The Nintendo DS is a TOTAL DIFFERENT PLATFORM than the GBA, the PSP Go has the same hardware specs and same OS to run PSP games than the PSP-3000, the difference is only the lack of UMD drive (replacing it with storage space) and the control relocation… The PSPGo is a PSP, not a PSP2…

    PSP-3000 also handles digital distribution, the only thing is that you need a big Memory Stick on the PSP-3000 to compensate for the lack of internal storage…

  • tacothesmurf

    @steve: Same here with the ps3. It makes me feel like I have an endless supply of games

    But for the record, a psp iso/cso takes up about 350-400mb of space at average. And I believe they said that the psp-go has 16gb of memory built in, and that it will also have memory pro duo capability.

  • Ulrich/Pablo

    I’ve heard that you can download a patch to play PS2 games on your PS3, but I’m not really sure. and I mean like, an official one

    PD: I have read your comic for ages, first time I post and lemme say that I love it. [The comic, not posting XD]

  • tacothesmurf

    Apologies for the double post, but I feel obligated to address this.

    @The Anarchyz: they JUST released the NDSi, which suffers almost identical problems to the psp-go.
    Just keep the old and ignore the new

  • @tacothesmurf Well, the UMD had a disk size of 1.8gigs. So I doubt with an upgrade they will be any smaller. Memory pro duo support would be more like “Here’s the game now you go find the cartridge to store it on.” Nice.

    @Ulrich/Pablo I definitely appreciate the support. If you’re an east coaster, stop by one of the cons I’ll be at this year and say hi.

  • Jim

    The PSP GO as far as I’m concerned is awesome. Being in the army, lots of guys here bring their PSPs over seas with them when down time hits. Just being able to carry the PSP and not having to carry a pack of UMDs really makes things better.

  • Ulrich/Pablo

    I live in Chile so I don’t think so XD but I would gladly

  • Oribaa

    As far as I’m concerned, my PS3 doesn’t play PS2 games. But I always assumed that was an attempt to force us to buy a PS2 to play PS2 games and thus give Sony more money.

  • MattDark

    Well, that PS3 playing PS2 games isnt entirely true, considering sony scrapped the backwards compatability with PS2 games less then a year after launch (Even starting to get rid of it prior to the european launch)
    Plus, even if your PS3 does play PS2 games, it seems that it wont play alot of the newer PS2 titles anyway.

    So the PSPGo is just the next title in the sony line to say ‘screw you’ to the previous generation/build.

  • On a side note, my PSP can’t hold a charge for longer than an hour now. And even if I turn it off after playing for five minutes, I will still have to recharge it again before I can play… because for some reason it still keeps draining.

  • Kevin Malloy

    If your one of the many pirates of psp games then you already know the solution to the downloading thing. Like itunes with the old ipod you’d probably just download it on your computer and put it on using usb. And the psp games aren’t actually that big. Other than a select few most of the games don’t take up more the 400 mb of space. So size and download speed are taken out of the picture.

  • The Anarchyz

    @Kevin Malloy, in fact, i use the pirate solution, i hacked my firmware and i dumped every UMD i have on the Memory Stick, now i have in my PC all my PSP games and i simply choose which ones i’ll play… It’s like pirate but i actually buy the games…

    Now with the PSP Go i won’t even have to do the pirate solution, just connect, buy and charge, and Kaz also said that i can save my collection on the PC, if that’s true (along with the UMD-transition) i’ll get the PSP Go ASAP…

  • The “UMD-transition”… is it suppose to be a device you buy to port the titles over or a service?

  • The Anarchyz

    I don’t know, Koller says Sony is working on a way current PSP owners can get all the UMD games they own in digital format, but he didn’t explain how.

  • warmaster670

    People who think that the PSPGO is somehow a replacement for the psp3000, or somehow a PSP2, really need to get a serious clue.

    Its like the people bitchign they didnt add a second thumbnub, of course they didnt, its still a !@#$ing psp, not a psp 2.

    Don’t like it? dont buy it, continue on with a normal one.

  • Chibi-Acer

    As I see it, one of the problems with the PSP Go is that if you already have a PSP you can just put a big memory stick in it (they’re so cheap now) and play all the same games. Going forward, all titles released on UMD will also be put on the PSN store for digital download, which still works with previous PSP models. The feature that lets you download existing UMD games might also work for existing PSPs, as well.

    The only advantage the Go has is that it’s smaller. The previous PSP models don’t fit in my pocket, so that’s nice, but I’m not paying $250 just for the smaller size. The screen is smaller (though higher density, so the pixel count is the same), it still has only one thumbstick, and no touch-screen. I think they claim better battery life, but you probably get similar results playing downloads w/o the UMD drive churning.

  • M

    You realize this is what Sony’s always done right? I mean its been their marketing strategy forever now. They come out with the “NEXT BIG TECHNOLOGY” and then they stroke their ego telling us we all need to buy it and conform because, frankly, we’re going to have to eventually when it becomes the only game in town. Thus preying on the human fear that if we don’t get every new technology out there that we might become inferior and.. I don’t know.. Die?… then they wait…

    If it fails to really pick up they put their tails between their legs and completely wipe every thought of it from the minds of any one who knew about it, Men in Black style, and move to the next thing with the same exact scare tactic strategy. However, if its a success then they let up on humanity and let us live in peace for a few years because, well, then we all ended up needing conform like they warned us we would and they puff their chest out and act like they’re the best company in the world…

    Problem is they usually fail more then they succeed. Minidisk, UMD (which lets be honest was Minidisk 2.0).. There’s been a few other things I can’t think of off the top of my head.. I even think with the failure of HD-DvD and the market/price point of Bluray that Bluray might be added to this list in a few years time.. I mean it took them how long to see that UMD and Minidisk was a complete wash out? at least a few years. Lets just hope this PSP doesn’t go through 60 hardware upgrades in the next 2 years, if that happens then I’m sure Sony can put it’s portable business on that list of failures.

    This isn’t saying that the new PSP will be bad, downloadable content is a proven system now and I expect this to work for them. But this is just what Sony gets for their ego and what many of us get for believing their fear mongering.

  • SkateFiend

    They are still supporting the UMDs. They’re making it so you can either buy the game or pay to download it, as some way of trying to stop people from downloading the games for free or whatever.

    The old PSP and the new one are supposed to be sold side by side, so you can chose whether you are going to bother to use UMD or not.

    I hope it speeds things up a bit, I hate those goddamn UMDs.

  • I know this section is pretty much dead, but how is it possible for them to give a service to get copies of already owned UMDs? What’s to stop people borrowing it from a friend and getting their own legitimate copy for free?

  • @Psytrese A system like Nintendo has in place. Right now you can save your WiiWare games on flash cards, but they only work on your system. Some sort of unique ID associated with them.

  • oloeopia

    I think he was asking how they would stop the trading of the physical game copy. Unless that was what you were referring to.

  • @oloeopia I see what you’re saying. My guess is that Sony will have a mail your old games in and receive digital downloads after they arrive. Hell, Sony might be able to use some of those UMD parts for something. It’s might work in one capacity or another.