Wake Me Up Before You Go Go [ COMIC ]

Nothing like shooting your audience in the foot. Oh, wait! This is exactly like shooting your audience in the foot.

I think this is a very poor move on Sony’s part, getting rid of the UMD drives [source]. Not because I really think they are necessary. My God, those things took forever to load. No, because the transition period that almost every system is following now is missing by doing so.

Wiis still play GameCube games. PS3s still play PS1 and PS2 games. Xbox 360s still play Xbox games. And the Nintendo handheld line is the perfect candidate for why a PSP should still have a UMD… The Nintendo DSi uses downloads, but still supports Nintendo DS games. The Nintendo DS used DS cartridges, but still supported Game Boy Advance games. And finally the Game Boy Advance played advance cartridges, but still supported old school Game Boy games. You see what’s happening here? Nintendo pulls you on to the new stuff with out discarding what you already have. Sony on the other hand is saying, “This is the new format and your old stuff isn’t welcome.” Thanks a lot.

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