No Explanation Needed [ COMIC ]

For those of you just showing up, or who just want a refresher, yesterday I posted the above comic without any dialog. I then asked you, the readers, to supply the dialog for the comic. The winner would have their name attached to the comic and receive a free copy of The Outer Circle Digging Up the Past trade paperback. Plus, a free t-shirt.

Now during the process of receiving entries a very unusually thing happened. Almost half of you emailed in telling me not to change the comic. That the comic worked find without any dialog at all. David Park’s email was very moving to this point:

I sugest you just leave it as is.

Currently, the expressions convey many meanings (ie it could be a penis joke), but if you add a punchline then thats what people will always think of when they see it.

Imagine someone going through your archives who sees that, having become used to spoon fed punchlines. They will stop and consider what the punchline is supposed to be, and more likely than not come up with something better than anything we could stick to it. Rather than restrict it’s meaning, why not leave it open, for people to interpret as their mind takes them?


So I decided to leave the main image being the comic without any dialog. So does that mean no one won? Well, no one did win. But three people did: Austin Ertelt, Donovan (no last name supplied), and Bhlaab (I think that’s French). All of them will receive a free copy of The Outer Circle Digging Up the Past trade paperback and the free t-shirt, as well.

If you want to see their winning entries and why I chose them. Check out the rest of this post in the forum.