Three games I am glad were never made… [ COMIC ]

Games I'm Glad Were Never Made... (poster) With today supposedly being the last day to pre-order the brand new Games I’m Glad Were Never Made… (poster) (available on I decided to do a little push by posting a couple of the other games as the comic. I also decided to extend the pre-order one more day since I received a few emails from people who wanted to pre-order the poster but wouldn’t have the money until tomorrow. So this is for you. For everyone else you get a sales pitch… The poster includes all twenty seven of the current game covers, plus three brand new ones never shown anywhere else before. On top of that, pre-ordering the poster saves you $2 USD over the regular price.

But wait, there’s more! I also have a very special combo pack that includes the new Games I’m Glad Were Never Made… (poster) and the Rejected Mega Man Villains (poster) as well. This combo pack saves you $10 off the regularly combined prices of the two posters. Ten friggin’ dollars!!! Plus, the shipping costs on this combo pack are half the regular price as they would be by ordering both posters individually. It’s a definitely a great deal for readers outside of North America who were hesitant to buy the Rejected Mega Man Villains (poster) because of shipping costs. Now you’re seriously getting your monies worth. Note that the pre-order and the super mega plus rate for the two poster combo pack will only run through June 19th. So order yours today.

I’ll be back on Monday with something that will poke fun at something we’ve been indirectly discussing in the comments area… Hopefully. It really depends on whether or not I can get the thing to come together effectively or not.


  • I’d like to see the box of “Prince of Perversia from Boobiesoft” :)

  • The Anarchyz

    FAIL was made, only with the original name we all know XD

    Prince of Perversia? I’d like that game…

    What about SUCKBAND and put a really crappy band on the cover…

  • “Nintrendo BS” Hahahahaha

    I really like the fictional consoles those games are for.

  • @seppli @The Anarchyz I just might. Not for the poster obviously, but “Games I’m Glad Were Never Made…” are going to still continue after the poster is released. This is different from the Rejected Mega Man Villains which have seen their last incarnation. And have in turn been succeeded by Rejected Mega Man X Mavericks.

    On an unrelated note, I should really post a before an after of some of the games on the poster. 90% of them have been updated in one way. It would be neat to see a few before and afters.

  • Rai

    I personally was thinking about “Let’s Fap” by SEGA

  • tacothesmurf

    I see “Halo party” and “Halo Kart” in the future

  • MagnaCarterGT

    Given your past naming conventions, I feel that the system for WarioWare should be the Pretendo DS.

  • gelugon2105

    Which game does F.A.I.L. refer to? My first impression was F.E.A.R., but the image looks different. In fact I do not understand the others as well, even WarioWare, a game series I know.

    Can someone explain to me what these parodies are making fun of?

  • @MagnaCarterGT It looked better and I enjoyed the trend aspect of the name which seems more fitting now.

    @gelugon2105 I can see having problems with the first one, after all that was a Sega Master System title. And if you don’t have a PS3 or aren’t keeping up with gaming talk I can understand the second one as well. But there have only been six Wario Ware games released and only one Wario Ware game for the Nintendo DS.

  • Corras

    @gelugon2105 FAIL is a reference to the PS3 exclusive LAIR. Just thought I’d let you know.

  • The Anarchyz

    Alex Kidd is a Sega Master System’s title, it was meant to be the mascot until Sonic the Hedgehog came along… Neverland Ranch is Michael Jackson’s kids amusement park, but only for his amusement with kids, like Robin Williams says “If you go to Neverland it says ‘you must be this high to ride Michael’ ” XD…

    F.A.I.L. refers to L.A.I.R., it was one of the most hyped PS3 titles, it came out with amazing graphics and a good storyline, the problem was the fucked up controls, making the game impossible to enjoy for a lot of people, so the title flopped badly, the amazing thing is that the same year a PS3 exclusive came with close to 0 hype, and became a cult between PS3 owners and helped a lot with the future sales, i’m talking about Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune…

    The WarioWare one is “WarioWare: Touched”, and that already sounds creepy, look at the cover on Wikipedia and then check Steve’s version…

  • @The Anarchyz I was too lazy to type all that. Check the real Lair cover verse the parody. This one has the head bowed in shame and his eyes are closed, too. Its always harder to see the little details on the web.

  • Katotetu

    But… they did make FAIL. They just called it Lair.

  • The Anarchyz

    @Steve: Definetly, i noticed the head bowed in shame, but i didn’t noticed the closed eyes, nice one. And now i’m seeing the Blu-ray logo flipped… I guess the full size will be in the 2nd poster, because there are a lot of cool details.

    @Katotetu: Exactly, that’s what i said “FAIL was made, only with the original name we all know” XD

  • General WX

    Money says Nintendo actually makes that game. After Wii Music I’ll believe anything.

    @ Pierski: just in case it hasn’t been brought to your attention, the forums are a bit FUBAR…

  • Fortis

    Haha! Lair has got to be one of the most over-hyped games ever! And the Wario game is so appropriate – he totally looks like a pedo. I feel violated every time I play against him in Brawl.

    On an unrelated note, I always thought it would be hilarious if you made a “Rejected Mega Man X Mavericks” comic with the three Mavericks depicting stereotypical fanboys for each of the three consoles. Maybe the Wii one could say something like “I don’t need awesome graphics to RENDER you helpless”…? I’m a fan of bad puns too. :P

  • Lord Shplane

    Lair actually isn’t bad if you download the thing that lets you use the joystick to steer. It’s still not amazing, but not bad.

    I wish no Warioware game had been made at all ever.

  • z333

    Is there a zoom-in on each of the posters? I’m interested in getting a set, just want to make sure there’s nothing too offensive.

  • General WX

    @z333: “Superman 64 2” made it on there, even mentioning something like that I believe is a clear violation of the geneva convention or something.

    But just in case that wasn’t enough to sway you:

  • gelugon2105

    Hey, thanks for the clarification. I was probably too young to recall Alex Kidd, but now knowing that he was supposed to be Sega’s poster-boy and having known Sonic, I am glad he did not make it as Sega’s fictional rep. As for Lair, I saw GameSpot’s crappy score and did not even bother to know about the game, even after the patch came way too later. As for WarioWare, I did not follow the progression of this IP – ‘cos I don’t have a DS.