Games I’m glad were never made… #11 [ COMIC ]

I spent at least three hours scoured the internet trying to locate the name of the person who created the box art for the North American version of the original Mega Man for the NES. The best I could find was that the person was commissioned to create the box art either rushed it or waited until the last minute and conned someone else to create the artwork instead. Nonetheless, I really wish I knew who really created the box art for the game. I would have made the game title “Painting who So-and-So” instead of “Painting the Mega Man Way.” Oh, well… I can always change it down the road if someone can find out the truth. It is out there, after all.

Update: I’ve received a lot of emails from readers saying that the person who created the art for the original NES Mega Man box is Rodney Baddraw. Unfortunately, I highly doubt that Rodney Baddraw is the person’s name. First off, the name comes from a parody article on GameSpy and no where else. Second, Rodney’s last name is Baddraw… Bad Draw. Yeah…

While I appreciate the help, I really don’t believe that Rodney is our person.

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