Games I’m glad were never made… #11 [ COMIC ]

I spent at least three hours scoured the internet trying to locate the name of the person who created the box art for the North American version of the original Mega Man for the NES. The best I could find was that the person was commissioned to create the box art either rushed it or waited until the last minute and conned someone else to create the artwork instead. Nonetheless, I really wish I knew who really created the box art for the game. I would have made the game title “Painting who So-and-So” instead of “Painting the Mega Man Way.” Oh, well… I can always change it down the road if someone can find out the truth. It is out there, after all.

Update: I’ve received a lot of emails from readers saying that the person who created the art for the original NES Mega Man box is Rodney Baddraw. Unfortunately, I highly doubt that Rodney Baddraw is the person’s name. First off, the name comes from a parody article on GameSpy and no where else. Second, Rodney’s last name is Baddraw… Bad Draw. Yeah…

While I appreciate the help, I really don’t believe that Rodney is our person.

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  • I wonder how the world would have been if Hitler had a rack?

  • That One Guy

    Apparently the guy who did the box art is named Rodney Baddraw. I would never have found it if someone hadn’t done a fake article on him redesigning the Halo 3 box art. Found all this by googling “Megaman box artist” without the quotes.

  • I doubt his name is Rodney Baddraw, lmao.

    Rodney “Bad Draw”? Come on, this has to be a joke.

  • KK the Prophet

    If you have “Mega Man Annirversary Collection” for the Gamecube, it comes with an episode of the old G4 show “Icons” (from way back when G4 was actually about video games and worth watching) that talks about “Mega Man”. I remember they do talk about the box art in the episode so you might be able to find your answer there.

  • A.L.

    The Hitler Boobs….THEY BURN US!!!! The drawing the megaman way game looks like it might be fun and I really don’t want to know what “Booth Goo” is.

  • @That One Guy @Psytrese Yeah, Rodney Baddraw was the only name I could find either. But that was clearly a bad joke. Here’s the original of that joke:

    Maybe we can start finding names and information about who worked at Capcom in 1985 start asking questions from there. Someone must know and be willing to spill the beans, as well.

  • Wolfenstein 3D = Wolfenstein 38DD

    … Oh God ._.

  • Xyverz

    World of Nudie Booth Goo… I *never* **EVER** want to see this.

  • bidoopoo

    Is…is it wrong that drawing of “Titler” gave me a quarter chub?

  • Ry

    I cannot get enough of the ‘Painting the Mega Man way’ box.. Every time I even glimpse at it I laugh myself to tears.

  • David

    I’m guessing the Mega Man box art was handled by whoever printed up the boxes and cart label so you’re probably looking for someone outside of Capcom. I get the impression that if you spent enough time sifting through movie posters from 1985-1987 you’d eventually come across someone striking that exact pose and someone pulling that exact face (probably not on the same poster).

  • Chuck

    Definitely funnier as “Painting the Mega Man Way” it made laugh out loud when I realized what it was talking about, the artists name would make it so obscure

  • Casey E. Palmer

    The closest I think you’ll find is Keiji Inafune, but I don’t know if Japanese box art = North American box art. I found European box art, but that’s another story…

  • @Casey E. Palmer It’s definitely not Keiji Inafune. Keiji created/designed Mega Man. He’s a good artist. This person will be neither good nor an artist.

  • You wonder why it isn’t mentioned anywhere, but on further thought you realise, who would actually want to admit to drawing the single worst box art in video game history?

    It would be like admitting that Shaq Fu or the E.T. video game were your idea.

  • gelugon2105

    Oh, why, Steve? I was trying to forget about that hideous box art after having first seen it a month ago. Now, I am all for new experiences, but that one was one which I am trying to erase.