Games I’m glad were never made… #10 [ COMIC ]

Sorry for the delay in posting the comic. I got home from Otakon at 8pm last night and the last thing I wanted to do was put a comic after that. So I had to wait until I got home from work to put this strip together. And here it is.

So… I sold a lot of wares at Otakon this weekend. Most of which were the Rejected Mega Man Villains and the Games I’m Glad Were Never Made… posters. But the Games I’m Glad Were Never Made… poster was very popular at the convention. A lot more than I could have anticipated. So I thought, “Well, heck! I might as well get started on making some more of these for the next poster I said I would.” Needless to say after that, my gophers and I came up with 19 brand new “games.” So here’s the first batch of them gone from the next poster.

I just want to stress that these are not the remain three “games” that appeared on the original poster. Those three will stay on the poster and only on the poster… maybe the Dueling Analogs book one day, but never on the site. Also, here’s a link to all the previous Games I’m Glad Were Never Made… and postings pertaining to them.

Lastly, I will post the highlights of my trip to Otakon, on the site, later on today…

Edit: As promised, here is a link to the Otakon recap.