The Konami Code [ COMIC ]

After five years, The original Konami Code comic [1] is finally being made into a poster. Above is a sample from the poster, which you can pre-order over at [2].

Now normally there’s a discount for pre-ordering products from This time things are going to be a little different. If there are at least 100 pre-orders of the poster by this Thursday, we will automatically increase the size of the poster from the standard 18″ x 24″ size to the whopping 24″ x 36″ size. The deal is that it costs almost twice as much to print the poster at that resolution, but if you guys are really serious about ordering this poster (like you’ve been emailing me for the past five years) then we’ll make it even cooler by upsizing the thing for no additional costs. But, we’re going to need at least 100 pre-orders by Thursday. Why? Because that’s the last day the initial order can be placed for them to be available in time for Otakon [3].

So if you want this, make sure to order yours today! Thanks!


  • Lax

    Sooo… technically, this doesn’t count as a new page update?

    • Doesn’t it? Took longer than an average eight comics to put together.

  • Well done.

  • Jack C.

    hehe here have a good joke as a follow up:

    whats the difference between religion and consoles? there is none, both are for stupid people. xD

    atheism and PC’s FTW!!

    • Travs Output

      and what’s the difference between Jack C and religion? there is none…both are self-righteous

    • HaroldO

      just leave the jokes to Steve, will you?

    • Vake Xeacons

      Hey I got one! What’s the difference between Atheism and Religion? None! Both are self-righteous and will slaughter you if you don’t agree with them!

  • Anvil

    I guess Jack isn’t smart enough to realize that the Konami Code existed long before PCs were in the typical persons home.

  • Broketoon

    also excuse the fanboy preordered word…i wanted emphasize my fanboyishness on that

  • Zolton

    So anyone know if I preorder it from the site would i be able to pick it up at Otakon?

    • Those two things are completely independent.

      • Zolton

        Alright thanks for the reply hope to catch you at Otakon

  • daniel

    Can you send to brazil?

    • Yeah, they can ship there.

    • HaroldO

      Yeah I’m also Brazilian, I pre-ordered mine today. Apparently BigBoomBomb ships to the whole world. So come on, international community: help us get that big ass poster.

  • Oh dude, so sexy! I remember seeing a very very small piece of this earlier. Seeing it all together is just awesome. And now I’m gonna cry in a corner because it’s so fucking brilliant!

  • Cress

    Pre-ordered! Are we close to the hundred yet?

    • The pre-order is going well, but still a while away from the 100.

  • Syniq

    Oh, buggeration. I have absolutely no money until 29th July, otherwise I’d definitely order one of these now. :(

  • Vake Xeacons

    Amen to that! During Brown vs. EMA, we fought for Freedom of Speech, Press, and Peaceful Assembly. Do you think we should have fought for Freedom of Religion too?

  • Fawkes

    Where will you be at Otakon? I HAVE to pick one of these up.