Taking One for the Team [ COMIC ]

Last week, it was reported that StarCraft 2 would be going into beta by year’s end… supposedly [source]. Its a rumor, but its a very strong rumor. Well, strong enough for me to do a comic about at least. And here’s the comic I was referencing in today’s strip.

Did you see the shirt that Harvey is wearing in this comic? It’s my I don’t have friends… shirt and its available to own from the Dueling Analogs store. BUY NOW!

I picked up Super Paper Mario this weekend. It is friggin’ awesome. Its a typical Super Mario Bros. game with a twisted. Definitely worth picking up.

Okay, this news post is random so far so let’s keep it going. Here is a way to get 200 quick achievement points for XBox Live… Galaga. Honestly, it took me less than an hour to get all two hundred achievement points. Just keep playing until you get to level 31 and you are guaranteed to get almost all of them. The only one that might give you a little trouble is Perfect Bonus where you have to shoot down all enemies in a Challenging Stage. After you get to level 31 if you haven’t gotten that achievement yet… jump back to level 2, make the dual fighter and keep trying again on level 3 (the first Challenging Stage). After a few times of knowing the pattern and pushing the fire button fast enough, you shouldn’t have any problem getting it.

Lastly, to everyone that contacted me about my NES/N64 game collection. I’ve read all the emails, but haven’t had the time to respond. There was a very large response to my comments. So please, be patient with me and thank you.