Unsensible Investment Strategy [ COMIC ]

Personally, I’ve been in this boat more times than I would like to admit. Definitely one of the weaker plans in investing for one’s financial future. Probably why video games are not an available option on your 401k.

A lot of people need to buy games as soon as they come out. Me, I can wait a little bit. That’s not saying that I don’t want to play those games as soon as they are available. That just means that I’ve mustered some level of patience over the past few decades to be able to wait. But only a little.


  • I’ve been using Gamefly for over a year now, for the games I’m “meh” about. It had been so long since I bought a new game that I pretty much choked when I remembered the $60 price tag!

    • illwillkill

      theres a cheaper place if you want to buy brand new. ozgamershop
      i just compared little big planet 2 because i was interested but found it at gamefly (since i never heard of them i was curious) for $60 and at the ozgamershop for $38

  • JerreyRough

    What? You still buy games to sell th-

    Oh wait. You’re probably talking about console gaming.

  • Vake Xeacons

    After I got $5 for in-store credit for a 5-star game (their website, not IGN or Gamespot) at Gamestop, I swore never to sell another game as long as I live. Even shovelware, cause, ha, what would I get for THAT? Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, strategy guides, you should see my library!

    • Trogdoor

      There was a store in my hometown similar to a pawn shop that dealt only in games, movies and books and they probably would have given better than $5 for it.
      Then again it depended on the rarity. A game they never saw you’d get good money for, one of the Madden games you’d be lucky to get $3

    • the cap

      it depends on how old or new the game is don’t expect to get $50 for a game that came out in ’08

    • Egg

      agreed Rarity does change the price. Trade-in for Nights and Pirates of Carriabean on Wii was much higher than Mario Kart

  • HaroldO

    I usually wait a lot. I buy dozens of games every year but I make really good use of sales and price cuts. A good game is still a good game some years later.

    • “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.” – Shigeru Miyamoto

      • I couldn’t agree more. Well put.

  • SecondTomorrow

    I agree with this whole heartedly. Sure, LA Noire looks amazing, but over the years I’ve learned that the game will still be amazing when I pay $30 or less for it when I can. Rarely do I ever pay full price for a game anymore.

  • I have a very similar phrase except it ends with “And then in the future, when I get some free time, I will play them”. I honestly can’t be arsed to try to look for a game a few months after its been released(especially if its a niche game) and I have this thing about buying all my games in mint condition. Damn you adult hood! My backlog of unplayed games is big enough for me to say I’ve only played about 60% of the games I owned. Thats a whole 40% That I havent even touched yet. Heck I finally played Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn last year.

  • Ria

    This mostly reminds me of all the friends that don’t know how to manage their money at all. Spend their last penny on games, and then end up always trading them in within like 2 weeks for whatever dumb reasons. I personally hate trading in anything I remotely enjoyed playing. But, that said… the luxury of trading games in will likely not be ours fairly soon anyway.

  • I rarely buy new. I’m still building my PS2 collection mostly because most games are so damn cheap. 329 and counting for PS2 alone, but I have piles of games for other systems as well. May I never have to sell them.

  • Moose

    Yeaaaa… I played a Mud for a while, think something like WoW just text based. Then built a new PC just to play Fallout 3 and picked Bioshock, and Farcry 2 when the local Circuit City closed. With Farcry 2 was a code for Farcry 1 from this sketchy ‘digital only’ service from some place called Steam…

    Later on I became aware of just how awesome Steam can be and Holy Crap! With their sales I have picked up old games and some newish ones for $10 or less normally. I now have enough of a backlog that I don’t need to buy new and can wait till the new is old and on sale. Fallout 3 also taught me to wait for a GoTY edition.

    I don’t have to worry about not finding the game on a store shelf years later because it’s digital and does not need to be cleared out of a retailer’s stores and warehouses to make room for the ‘next big thing’. I also don’t play multiplayer shooters like CoD:4, MW, BF:BC, ect. I don’t have to buy the latest copy as soon as it comes out or else get shunned by a group of friends like a leper.

  • Nuckel

    I say waiting is THE way to go. If the new game in question is not an actual gift of the gods (today none of them really are) then wait and let those other fanboys spend their precious money on a thing you can enjoy later for a third of the original price. Also the world moves on and the game will then have the necessary patches to actually be playable and finished. I just got Red Dead Redemption (PS3) for 19 Euros and that was a great buy. I also attended to the Steam Summer Sale which reduce the prices of some games/mods to about 10% of the original. It almost seems dumb to go and buy a newly released game, I’m not a friggin tool of the commerce.

  • Rezanator

    Well you could buy a bunch of consoles, keep them in mint condition, and sell them in 10-15 years. Of course I don’t think it is as easy now with online downloads, the wife throwing them away (or giving them to someone), and future inflation.

  • I was like that with my music. Get paid, by some new CDs. End of month… crap… flog a couple of discs to get some food money. Get paid, buy some new discs…. etc,etc

  • Rengade

    Wow, I don’t think I have seen a comic posted in a long time that led to this kind of arrogance from people

    • ThePeebs

      Enlighten me. I fail to see arrogance. I read a bunch of people expressing their opinions towards purchasing “new” games over waiting until the “new” game losing it’s inflation from it’s opening shelf weeks. Typically when opinions clash, we see people bring out some arrogance, but even here, nothing has even a tone of arrogance.

      I think I detect a troll.

      • ThePeebs

        PS- Steve, I love the comics you put your “persona” in. They usually hit the head on the nail, and provide a good chuckle.

      • Rengade

        If you cant see the arrogance I’m not about to sit here and point it out. These are not people say opinions. That would be saying “I prefer to“ “I don’t like…“ This is not what people are putting. They are putting there opinion as if it were fact.
        Saying its dumb to buy a new game is a opinion and stating it as a fact is arrogant.
        Arrogance is assuming you are always right and anyone who thinks differently is idiotic

  • Just don’t sell your games to gamestop. You could literally sell over a 100 games and get only $1. Happened to a friend of mine once. And if u don’t take the store credit and you take the cash instead then they take 13%. Only to put the game on there shelves for $20 when they gave u only 13 cents for it wtf!? O.o