Classic Dueling Analogs #7 [ COMIC ]

I honestly don’t know what the majority of the readers think when I run a classic Dueling Analogs. Yeah, I get to hear from the regulars or those of you more comfortable about vocalizing your opinions when I ask. But when you think that Dueling Analogs averages tens of thousands of individual readers a day and there is usually only somewhere between 20-50 comments per comic, you quickly realize that the true voice of the majority isn’t being represented.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love reading and talking to those you who do respond and I’m not complaining that not enough people are responding, either. In fact, I can actually manage to read and keep up with all of your guys’ comments so this definitely falls into a manageable area. I’m just saying I don’t know what the majority of you think of them.

Personally, I would like this think that they are helpful. Why? Well, most people don’t read the archives. You start reading Dueling Analogs, or any webcomic honestly, at the point where you started and continue from there. How do I know? I’ve got Google Analytics and I actually know how to use it. So when I run a comic, like today’s, that originally ran almost four and a half years ago I’d like to think that the majority of you who have never seen it for the first time would enjoy it being brought to your attention. And for those of you who had already seen it that it brings back fond memories.

Now from a personally point of view, I do not like running classic comics. Makes me feel bad. Even if my reasons are completely justified, like now as I have been nasty sick all weekend, I just feel like I’m not pulling my weight as a comic creator. Regardless of whether or not you paid for this content, when you visit Dueling Analogs I want you to get your money’s worth (see what I did there?).

So that’s my ranting. If you want to read more about this comic, make sure to check out it’s original posting. And just to let you know, you don’t even have to click that link you can just type in the Konami code on your keyboard and you will automatically be whisked away to that comic. I kid you not.

Oh, in case you are one of the many people who email me asking when the post version of this will finally be finished… it is in the works.


  • MaddBoy

    Seeing some classics like this one are always good for an old nostalgic chuckle and your work is always getting better. Some part of me would say it’s in a way a slight disappointment to see something old but when it’s about the games of old lore such as this; it’s more of a reminder that because of this game (or code as this case portrays) and others we have our gods and gears of war. This strip is the best representation of how a “classic” works: it’s like a religious book reference. You repeat them not to be original or profitable, but so that others may be reminded of who gave them what they have. or something like that

    • I also don’t like not having an update on the day of a new comic. That’s another pet peeve of mine. I really wish I had some sort of buffer, but that never seems to happen for one reason or another.

  • Caine Collin

    I personally like seeing the Classic comics every so often I have read every strip after I reading “Farewell Aeris… Aerith”.

    • Well, thank you. I just personally wish they weren’t so often as they have seemed to be lately.

  • I always read the entire archive of a comic I intend to follow. Fortunately for you, my memory is pretty poor, so I don’t remember ever seeing this one! I’ve recognized a couple others, and I can’t deny that I feel a slight twinge of disappointment in seeing one I know I’ve seen before, but I suppose there IS some sense to the “classic comic” argument. It IS nice sometimes to see a good old one.

  • Kintrex

    I always read through archives, but because I’m reading through archives of so many comics at once, I hardly ever take the time to re-read archives. Therefore for me, re-running classic comics is fine provided 1, the original posting was a long time ago, and 2, it doesn’t happen so often as to make new updates a rarity. It can provide a nice feeling of nostalgia. It also helps if the re-run was one of remarkable quality, which in this case I believe it is.

    • Nuckel

      Me I also started a few years ago with the review of the entire archive. And so I know that there are some really good submissions which deserve a second life just like the one above. This way new people get to enjoy them and learn about the origins of this strip and old fans like me get a pleasant reminder. All in all it’s a positive thing I say.

  • Avid reader

    I am one of those nameless people who usually just read the strips and leave it at that. As far as I am concerned, it is your project and you do what you wish with it. We are just here to enjoy it, which I for one have for all these years. Don’t remember which strip I started with, but I did go back and start from the beginning and read through everything. So these Classic Strips are reruns for me, but still quite enjoyable to read none-the-less.

    If you cant make a deadline for a comic, then there is no reason not to put up the Classics. Just means it buys you some more time. Who cares what other people think, it is your time that goes into our enjoyment. So keep up the good work, and thank you for it.

  • Jack

    I am one of those readers who stumbled upon Dueling Analogs some time ago. The first thing I do when I find a new webcomic I enjoy is to go back and read through the archives – it helps the current content make much more sense. That being said, I still enjoy seeing comics that you, the creator, consider to be exceptional enough to post them again. It beats filler comics, or worse, skipping a publishing date without a reason.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Notlem

    Well I’ve been a long time reader of this comic and it is one of the main comics I read. I don’t usually comment on on webcomics but now that I’m here I’ll start commenting and putting my two-cents in. Also I never go on in a comic without going through the archives because you may miss alot of jokes thatwont make sense without seeing the older ones. Also I like to go on a nostalgia trip every once and a while and go through the archives and these strips brng back good memories.

  • eman

    if I want to see a classic Dueling Analogs comic I’ll go through the archive

  • TheDarkOne

    Well I’m one of those people who does read the archive when I first find a new comic but in this case I was reading when the original went live. Time sure does fly. I’m cool having those classics re-featured, the comics are all one offs there is no ongoing storyline being interrupted. Why shouldn’t you feature some of your finest work for new readers to enjoy.

  • Raian the Fallen

    The classics are awesome. It’s like a little slice of history. It reminds me how far DA has come.

    That being said, I’ll comment on more comics these days. Tell you if I laughed or if I didn’t get it.

    I love this comic, by the way. It made me chuckle.

  • Armane

    To be honest, for nearly every other classic comic I’ve gone “Oh I’ve read this, wth?” and only upon reading your post have I realised it’s a classic comic. This one though, I had forgotten.

    It’s interesting though to see which ones you regard fondly, or got the most hits, or what have you. So I don’t really mind.

  • JoramBlaze

    I do like reading the Classic comics. I’m also one of those people who when I find a web comic I enjoy I go back to the archive and read from the beginning.

  • … Must … Have … Printable … Wallpaper …
    Do you have a high rez version, I totally want this on my wall!

  • The Anarchyz

    BTW Steve, nice script putting the Konami Code to do a redirection to the original comic.

  • TheFrunj

    New poster here, though I’ve read the webcomic for ages. First thing I do when I find a webcomic I like is head to the first strip and head through to the current one; so I’ve seen all the DA strips. That said, I’m human, and I don’t remember them all :P So once in a while, for the particularly good strips that haven’t appeared for a while, I don’t mind if they’re reposted.

    I would like a brief explanation of the thought process behind each classic comic though, a “this is why I chose this strip to put up again, and here’s what I was thinking at the time” paragraph would be neat :)

    • Purple Materia

      Yeah, I’m the same way.

  • UndeadLex

    I do try to run back in archives of comics, and did, when I stumbled onto Dueling Analogs via Nerf Now via Halolz.
    And then you introduced me to Omake Theatre on your homage to the strip “Out of Focus”, which led me to Mistakes of Youth.
    Needless to say, I love your stuff.
    I guess I’m just not really the constructive criticism type. (regardless of what’s going on below)
    I laugh, pass it on to friends, and thus the circle of webcomics.

    I get e-mail updates (which seem ever so slightly slower than me sometimes) on when you update, and yours is actually the only subscription’ed webcomic that I follow. (normally I hit my “open all favorites” button and go through one by one to see who has updated) Because sometimes I miss that you’ve updated the news, and I actually read that.

    Your strips are something that I truly enjoy, the stark color, the simple but emotionally conveying panels are great.

    Sometimes, you just have to know what’s going on with your viewers, I understand.
    Being an artist is nerve racking, and if no one comments, then who the hell is visiting my page?
    Did they like it?
    Do they hate it?
    Did I miss something in the background that makes the church look like a pair of boobs?
    All questions that need to be answered, and can only be answered by those that read, and pay attention to the stuff that you post.

    Normally, when I comment on something, it’s just a small tidbit.
    “Love the expression on the last panel, I lol’ed.”
    “Can’t get enough of your stuff, can’t wait for next semi-week.”

    I guess I really haven’t said anything because I haven’t thought of anything TO say.
    This week, you’ve drawn it out of me.
    Nice job.

  • Artur

    I’m a maniac, so when I start following a new webcomic I usually read every single one since the beginning.

  • -WJ-

    Actually, every webcomic I run into that is sorta interesting, I read from the very first start !

  • BlueFox

    I like that you show old comics. It’s certainly better than no update at all.

  • Jonny D

    I’m also someone who always reads through the archive when starting a new comic, but only once usually, so I don’t mind classic comics so long as “classic” doesn’t mean “one from last month”. I certainly prefer a classic comic to no update at all, so when life’s events make it hard to get a new comic done, classic comics are a fine alternative.

    At the end of the day, I’m just happy to be able to get regular great entertainment for free, and feel no sense of entitlement that you “owe us” fresh comics every update, thought new stuff is always preferred. Keep up the good work!

  • Ragnarok

    I actually started reading from the first comic and from there on progressed to the newest =)

  • Wolfcastle

    I too like the Throwback comics.

  • Honestly I’ve been reading your comic for a few years (and made a point to go through the archive shortly after I started.) While I always ‘hope’ for something new on update days – I run multiple sites myself and sometimes you just can’t put out something new. I get it. I think ‘most’ of your readers do as well.

    Life happens and while we always want something new a quick visit to a great comic for new readers is always welcome when you are busy!

  • David

    Classic and console strips may feel like a cop-out to you but I love them. They may not be super fresh A+ material but they stop the previous strip from going rotten. I never arrive at Dueling Analogs and see the same strip that was there two weeks ago, so the site never gets that dead/discarded feel that a lot of webcomics get when the author runs into personal problems and has to skip/delay the occasional update.

    Plus it doens’t hurt that they’re usually really funny. =P

  • SaCul

    I don’t really mind these classic comics one way or another, just try not to do them too often and you’ll do fine!

  • randomgamerdude

    If you’re running out of ideas, there’s still the iPhone 4 (which uses energy while it’s off, I might add)

    • Not running out of ideas, just been sick since I got back from the convention. Another problem is that most of my ideas are long. Which in term makes it so I never have the time to finish them.

  • LMekko

    It took me a long time after I started reading to figure out there was a comments section for comics >_< It's really not obvious since it's a tiny word at the end of the news post and nothing else. Oh, and also one of the lurkers, obviously :P I actually read the archives when I read a new webcomic (usually). Having one day set to retro comics wouldn't be bad, if nothing else a retro comic is better than no comic :P

  • Cress

    If you print it, they will come… You had my money for the rejected mega man villains poster, you definitely will when Konami Code poster is available and you likely will for the rejected mavericks ;)

    As for re-posting the classic DA’s, I typically like it. After I read through an archives I rarely go back unless I’m trying to find something for a friend so its nice to get a chuckle from the really good ones again. Considering I’ve been following these for some years now, I forget some of the classics and don’t even recognize its a re-post at times.

    As always, you rock Steve!

  • Long time reader, first time commenter. Loved today’s comic!

  • The Eagle

    Most people don’t start a webcomic from the start?! This is madness. I’ve read every comic of every webcomic I currently follow. The only other person I know who reads webcomics does the same thing. It’s a true revelation to me for you to say otherwise. Seriously, it never even entered my head to start a webcomic from the current date.

    As for todays comic? An instant favourite for me, I’ll be saving this one in my collection of favourites.

  • AxelBat

    This is actually one of my favorites of yours! Probably the best play on this picture I’ve seen <3

    When sick, you are justified!

    Also, I don't know about most people but when I stumble across a webcomic I like I always start from the beginning. I know there are going to be jokes that relate to later days and sometimes even… bumbumbum… STORY!

    Keep it up man!

  • Cake Ninja

    I’m another one of those people who go on archive binges for the new comics I find, and most things I would have said already have been (Retro is better than none, retro is good as long as it’s not very recent, etc.) But I have to say I was a bit surprised by the konami code actually taking me to the other posting of this comic, as I thought you were joking. Keep up the good work!

  • Jarrett

    I actually like classic DA, like the really funny ones from a long time ago or stuff where I may have just missed the joke completely (I swear I missed the hands the first time I read the one up for today)

  • Arkalidor

    I don’t generally comment on this comment, but since you were asking for majority’s opinion, today you’ll at least get one more than usual. I think the way you use the classics when you’re sick or lack time is the best you can make of it.
    It has it’s pros and cons (they never get old, but we already seen them) but since it’d be hard for you on a specific day to make a new strip, it’s better to re-post an old one than posting nothing, or a quick made one (although the quick made can be surprisingly funny :p)

    Oh, and I’ll add that I discovered this comic during summer and spent a lot of time going through the archives ;)

  • Yojilk

    Well, you know what dood? I’ll just drop a comment and say thanks, dood! Always have fun reading your comic.

  • Magi

    First time comment maker.Had no idea that many people visit the site yet so very little commenting.Found the site about 2-3 years ago and immediately went to the start and caught my way up when I did.To be honest its been so long I’ve actually forgotten all about this strip so it could have fooled me as being new.It’s still always nicer seeing newer comic strips though but it isn’t so terrible seeing the old ones again since there seems to be always at least a strip or two new a week even if it is a guest comic.Just not much of a comment person for webstrips,just enjoy them.

  • Jedah

    I would LOVE to have this as a shirt sooo badly

  • DarkQuietus

    I must be one of the weird one’s. When I find a webcomic I enjoy, I make sure I run through the entire archive. [My only exception is Explosm. I missed like 10 comic’s in there somewhere and I am sooooo not running through the entire archive for them].

  • BULL

    I’m a long time reader but first time poster. You asked our opinion and here’s mine:

    When I see these classics I’m annoyed at first. But sometimes they’re ones that I don’t remember… and then it brings a smile to my face. :) These are truly your “Greatest Hits” and deserve a second showing on your site.

    (nice touch with the keyboard shortcut back to the original.)

  • Xu-kitty

    …. really?
    *tap*tap*, *tap*tap*, *tap*tap*tap*tap*, *tap* *tap*

    Ha ha ha, awesome! How’d ya get the browser to do that?

  • jrronimo

    I missed this one when it initially came out (or I just don’t remember it), but I like it. Subtle and amusing.

    I don’t mind when old things run — better something old than nothing at all! Though, of course, I recognize that this is your hobby which you do for free, so nothing is acceptable, too!

  • Dream-State’s Author

    I think I’ve commented once before. I like the classic comics. Are they as great as a new comic? Not necessarily, but hey, they’re filler. They’re not supposed to be. But they still give me a laugh or a joke for the day, which is what I read web comics like yours for.

  • Angelson

    I didn’t even notice and pointing and the hand signs that actually spelled out the code before. This comic just shot up fifty cool points in my book. Really quality stuff. And I also enjoy the occasional throwback comic, at least better than no comic.

  • Ken

    Memories are meant to fade. We few visit upon great things so rarely in life. When in fact something of importance comes upon us, we don’t have to know if it is old or new just that it is great. Thanks for the flashback.

  • Fingers_McNasty

    I don’t mind getting old pictures on updates, it would probably piss me off if I was paying for it or something, but the comic’s far too good to mind not getting a new comic every time.
    (Also, thanks for the laughs)

  • *Monocle Man*

    Man, no need to worry. When I start reading a webcomic I star from the first one, and when shared to my friends I send the link of the first comic not the las one.