The Halo Experience [ COMIC ]

And thus my lull begins.

Next Wednesday is the five year anniversary of Dueling Analogs. As I’ve been doing since the second year anniversary of Dueling Analogs I’m running guest strips whenever this yearly event comes up. It’s a gift of downtime to myself without the site missing any updates. In fact, if my numbers are right there should actually be twice as many comics in the next four weeks than normal. Plus, this gives me some time to spend some on my other projects (maybe even work on the outercircle) and get caught up on my freelance work, as well.

Now I know I’m starting this event a few days early, but this year I have even more guests that last year. And I didn’t want to give anyone the shaft by having their strips run on Thanksgiving or Black Friday. I’ve very impressed with the comics that my fellow webcomic compatriots submitted. Definitely an awesome lot of awesomeness. Nonetheless I will be back to my regular updating schedule on Monday, December 13th Thursday, December 16th Monday, December 20th.

I kick off the five year anniversary of Dueling Analogs with an awesome Halo, or more specifically Ha-Bro (I’m clever), guest strip was done by Carter Fort and Paul Lucci the team behind The Crooked Gremlins. This is the Crooked duos’ second submission to the guest strip celebrations. Their first being here.

I’ll still be posting regular blog updates over the next few weeks, but make sure to also check out the work of the webcomic creators that are kind enough to give this tired father a little down time when he needs it most.