Guest Strip by Nick Borkowicz [ COMIC ]

The four year anniversary celebration of Dueling Analogs continues today. Today’s guest strip was done by Nick ‘Ghostfreehood’ Borkowicz one of the creative masters behind Super Art Fight (who was also my tag team partner in my very first Super Art Fight as well).

I remember mentioning that I was going to do a write up on Dueling Analogs about how much fun I had at Super Art Fight. Hands down it is still the most fun I have ever had at a panel at any convention I have ever attended. It’s very easy to understand the rules when you are watching it, but hard to explain when you’re not. Hell, I remember trying to tell a fellow artist about it at Connecticon and not being able to grasp the premise. How about this: artists complete against each other to decide not who was the best artist but who was the most entertaining artist while at the same time working with each other to entertain the audience. Or I can just say it’s really friggin’ fun. If you ever get a chance to go to or be in a Super Art Fight I highly recommend it. The panel was packed to capacity at Connecticon. And if you know anything about panels at cons, you know that’s usually not the case. Hell, Buckley’s panel at the same convention only had 12 people in it. Nonetheless, thanks Nick for an awesome comic that maybe questionably too soon, but probably not.

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Make sure to return on Friday as the celebration continues…