Dissin’ Franchise [ COMIC ]

Thank you Hello With Cheese for laying the ground work for today’s title.

You know what the best nation in the world is? Donation! Nah, I’m just kidding. Unless you do want to donate something and then here’s a link right here. But in all honesty, the transmission in my wife’s car went out last week and I need to get it fixed ASAP. The problem is that the cost of repairs is $3,100. Which is a nice sum of money that I don’t keep lying around. So instead of asking for donations, but I will still accept them, I’m offering up the original sketches, that were used to create Dueling Analogs before it went 100% digital, for sale over at BigBoomBomb.com. Each page is $20 (an that amount includes shipping & handling) and completely original. Also, I will make sure to give the best pages to those who order first so keep that in mind if you are considering doing so. You might also want to note that there is a finite amount of these pages, since I don’t use this creative process anymore: So when they’re gone, they are gone. Help a brother out and do the right thing, Mookie.

Pertaining to today’s comic, I refence G4 for both articles: here and here.


  • dave

    maybe if the link wasnt dead >_>

  • Wasn’t this an episode in Better off Ted?

    • IIMcCainII

      Something like that… BoT was awesome, too bad it didn’t survived for a third season. =(

  • ZoNnE

    And how Deaf play it?

  • FlammableHippie

    I wonder, can the “vertically impared” play the Kinect?

    • Angelson1992

      Vertically impaired. I imagine that all they have to do is set it to a lower surface or go out and buy a coffee table to put it on. The thing that really screws with me is, what happens when there are identical twins in a household. I doubt that they would want to share the same account with all of their achievements on them. The whole twins searching for individuality thing kinda dies with face recognition tech. Still interesting comic.

      • Flammable Hippie

        You realize that means Triplits are screwed even more. and forgive me for my bad spelling. S’more Schnapps will do that to you.

  • Josh