Wii Are the Champions [ COMIC ]

It’s definitely not a guest strip celebration without a comic by Chris Simmons of Digital Unrest. Chris has been the only consistency between all of the Dueling Analogs anniversaries of the past 5 years. He’s a great webcomic artist and his guest strips always deliver. I actually love how this comic feels like two separate comics seamlessly meshed together. Thanks again!

As far as all the motion controls being pushed for the consoles I personally think, “Too little, too late.” Nintendo has dominated this trend being the only console to include motion controls from launch. Now four (4) years into the life span of the PS3 and five (5) years into the life cycle of the Xbox 360, these two finally decide to play in the motion control arena. Normally during this point of a consoles life the developer is about to release it’s successor, but not this time. Well, expect for Nintendo. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Wii HD wasn’t released sometime in 2011.

Actually, I think the big problem is these motion control add-ons are like the blu-ray/HD DVD battle. Blu-ray was built in to the PS3 and HD DVD was not for the Xbox 360. And because PS3 users didn’t need to buy any additional hardware to play enhanced movies, blu-ray won. Now you have a choice between getting a Wii with motion controllers from the get go or PS3/Xbox 360 where the experience costs a lot extra. Personally, I wish both companies the best of luck but I’m getting the whole EyeToy vibe from the experience, but I might be wrong.

Oh, not sure what’s going on with all the guest strips? Then read this news post.


  • Tim

    While I do agree that it does seem a little bit “Too little, too late,” I still think that it doesn’ tmatter in the end. With both systems releasing bundles, I see little reason for it not to sell well. Will it sell as well as the Wii? Probably not, the Wii has had a 4 year head start in motion control and also has sold almost as many units than the ps3 and 360 combined. I’d almost venture to say that Sony and Microsoft aren’t looking at taking the Wii down, they’re looking to edge the other out to solidify second place. They see the wonderful profit that is the motion control market and they both want a slice of the pie. I don’t think that eithe rwill go the way of EyeToy. EyeToy, while powerful for its time, suffered lack of software (at least to my knowledge it did). Both the Move and Kinect are infinitely more powerful and I think more developers are willing to make good games for it, rather than cheap ones to help sell the damn thing. I still personally view all 3 motion controls as novelty… but thats just me.

    • Haikusamurai

      The ps3 had motion controls from the start, the sixaxis control can sense gyroscopic movement, but not many game companies chose to capitalize on this, which is sad as I would love to see a flight sim where you have to move the controller similar to a joystick to fly.

  • Bowen

    Personally, I’ve always felt the motion controls on the Wii were poorly implemented… and the Wii never met my expectations of what a next-gen console should be. Innovative? Sure. Entertaining? In some cases, but the Wii always felt like the half-baked result of a good idea.

    I’m not rushing out to buy a Kinect for my 360, but my roommate (who owns a Wii) is chomping at the bit to get one. The PS3 and 360 add-ons will be a great way for people who already own these systems and have no interest in a Wii to get a different gaming experience out of their consoles.

  • New Name et Cetera

    I’m not rushing out to buy any of ’em. I’ve seen nothing that has particularly caught my eye in any of the three motion control devices. Granted, it’s also due to not having any freaking money, but I have yet to see a game that could be improved, or at least utilized the motion control aspect in a way that interested me.

    The Wiimotes and accessories always seemed a bit clunky to me, and the games, with the possible exception of the SM Galaxy series, never particularly caught my eye. The same pretty much goes for Move and Kinect; though, the graphics may be superior, but there isn’t maybe more than one game for either add-on in terms of interest or implementation of motion control that justifies the investment.

    For the record, I am a Nintendo and Sony fan, disliking Microsoft with a burning fury, but I will say this: When the gaming industry spits out holodecks (come on, y’know they can’t be all that far off), sign me up, console wars be damned. As it stands, though, motion control just doesn’t ‘wow’ me.

  • Newbonzy

    So I’m not the only one who finds this whole “Peripherals are the new Next-gen console release” Fad a little weak. And all of the consoles do it now like the idea of a new console is a deadly leap. Heck – Xbox is now 5 years old. Technologically, that’s pretty old. These new gadgets and gizmos (even the wii’s, although at least they built a console around it) are all sort of deafening to the gaming experience. Yes, you don’t need a controller, yes your grandmother pushed a hoop with a stick, but does that mean that I need to say “fire” in every first person shooter, because that seems sorta familiar…

  • Lokahi

    I’d like to point out that the PS2 had a terrible piece of 3rd Party Hardware called the EyeToy around the end of it’s life. It was supposed to be both a motion control for select games, and a webcam. However, it failed like a 5 year old talking Calculus.

    • sheppy

      Ummm, EyeToy was first party and sold over 5 million units and had a library of over 20 games. I’d like to know what your bar for a failure is with a peripheral.

      • Asher

        Name 3 good games made for the eye toy

        nuff said

  • Randomgamerdude

    Personally, I think the Kinect is a good idea, the Wii was the first and original in motion gaming and thus better (plus it looks cooler) and the PS3 is a rip-off of the Wii and looks absolutely terrible.

  • Foreverbadass

    I’m going to say what I’ve been saying about the Kinect for about a week now: ‘You know Microsoft is desperate for sales numbers when Burger King is giving them away for ‘free’ in a sweepstakes type thing.’

  • Triaxx

    I love the strip itself.

    On the subject of motion controls, I have yet to compare motion versus controller on the XboX or PS3, but I have to say that the Wii manages to nail it to the point where RE4 seems almost too easy. And I’ve heard that the Metroid Prime games are the same way. They’re as hard as they were, but the motion controls are so natural that the games are almost too easy. I’ve said it before elsewhere, but the difference between controlling RE4 with the GC controller and the Wiimote is night and day.

    Yes, the Wii isn’t perfect 1:1. After years of running on pure caffiene, I wouldn’t want it to be, because the hands shake a bit, and it would ruin it. Yes, the PS3 seems to have more accurate control, but only within a zone of the camera’s vision. Kinect… has a really stupid name. And yes, I did make fun of the name Wii, so it’s not really hypocrisy. If it works as they say, great. But lag is ALWAYS a killer and all reports say that the Kinect lags. Dying because I screwed up and let the enemy shoot me? Fine. Dying because the control system lagged and by the time I was able to fire, I was already dead? NOT fine.

  • Giuseppe

    well i dont know if its too little too late
    but ive heard the kinect has sold a million already, pretty sure it will raise even higher this coming holiday season.

  • That Guy

    i’m sure we all want to shell out money for a new console right? wait no? you don’t want to spend 500+ dollars for that next big thing from your favorite franchise?
    It was that, or peripheral updates. you don’t like it? don’t buy it, seemingly enough fanboys overlook the facts of mass market and market need.
    Oh i read up there about the “death of the ps2”, its still going btw since i’m still seeing new titles launch for it.

    The Wii’s clunky system of motion control is a start, the kinect a finish. Are we still wanting to complain about medical advances too? gosh darn plastic, saving lives. Motion control has begun the works through everyone (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) for out of console application. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

    • Haikusamurai

      Kinect is horrible, absolutely horrible, it’s a $150 eye toy, nothing special there just ripping off Sony’s technology.

      • atamosk

        um no its is an amazing piece of tech that has apps outside the xbox not to mention it blows shitty motion controllers that the wii and ps3 have. read something about it an you will see why it is cool. it may not have been the origination of the idea, but it is a better next step it is kind of like 3d without the glasses t would just be better. and in the case of having controllers, or having a thing that just shows every movement that you make, you would have to pick the latter.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really care about Motion Control wars, but I’ll tell you this: I friggin rofl’d at that comic strip. I can totally picture a Wii laughing like an evil genius.

    Oh, and tell Chris that he copied your “console comics” style perfectly, particularly the floor!

  • Anon

    Btw dude. Xbox 360 was the first console to do HD. PS3 has BLu-Ray but 360 important because it was the first HD console so fail on that part.

    • lolwut

      cool story bro, to bad HD-DVD sucked… only 360’s title screens are HD now (because the drive can’t read the disc fast enough)

      • Craser

        Ehm… You do know you can install your games to the hdd, right? So games are HD too. I don’t know about movies though, but if you want to watch high quality movies, get yourself a real system, not a game console.

        • The games can be presented in 16:9 much like a DVD can be presented in 16:9, but that doesn’t make it HD. The video resolution is what makes it HD. Dragonball Z Kai is in a 4:3 aspect ratio, but it’s got a 1080px height that makes it HD.

  • Love the HA HA HA HAs at the end

  • Fill

    For the price, you could just get a Wii. I have a PS3 and a Wii and I think they both have their genre specialty. That said, the 480p resolution limit and the hacky wii motion plus add-on feel a little cheap to me. They should have sprung for the extra $20 in materials to have at least 720p graphics with aliasing and have the wiimote include the motion plus hardware from the start, imho.

  • “And because PS3 users didn’t need to buy any additional hardware to play enhanced movies, blu-ray won.”

    This is why I normally don’t read articles online. This statement shows you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • jrb531

    Have any of you who are bashing the Kinect actually tried it? I have and it’s a blast! Sure it will not replace a controller but for games that can take advantage of the tech… it’s a blast and I have not seen this lag people seem to talk about.

  • Eli B

    Perhaps I’m just a member of the now dying breed of dual analog players, and in the same fashion when we showed up at the scene both D-pad players and PC gamers scoffed at us, calling us a waste of time, but I can’t help but feel the integration of motion control into video games can be directly related to stabbing big needles into ones kidneys. Sure there’s the initial thrill of something new, and you can argue technological innovation until you’ve depleted the world of consumable oxygen but at the end of the day what can swinging your arms and legs about like someone just threw a bucket of scorpions on you offer me in a game that would either further immerse the game experiences and by extension further compel me into the title in question.

    That answer to the question while admittedly being very bias is piss all. To quote on internet prick, “Gaming should be about games, not about controllers… Controllers as they stand are a perfectly adequate means of connecting man to machine by way of thumbs.” To qualify that bit of information, by further including action on the player, no means of further immersion into game play has been achieved. In fact once could credible argue that larger action on the players behalf outside the game only stresses to the player that they are playing a game in their living room in a par of dirty sweatpants and a black t-shirt with dried marinara sauce on it.

    See, the hypothetical ultimate model of gaming is total immersion. That whole Matrix idea. Plugging your brain into a virtual world that you see with your own eyes, feel beneath your own feet, and commit genocide upon its inhabitants with a steel dildo in your own hands. Technology is still a long, long way from this, though. Speaking about a direct neural interface here, something that plugs into your spinal cord and diverts the signals from your brain to the computer avatar, so your own body doesn’t move, but the one in the game does. You think “do a flip,” your own body stays still and Captain Jaw-Line on the Planet Omicron Persia Eight displays his jolting acrobatics for the enemy.

    Striping away the fictional aspects of this idea, what this is is the shortest possible connection between intention and in-game action. “Shoot that guy,” think you, and that guy shot. Thought → action. That’s what technology should be working towards. Standard controllers have a far shorter brain-action delay than motion controls. The movement of our actual, physical bodies is minimized to the tiny finger-jerks it takes to press a button. Thought → tiny movement → action. You can’t yet put your mind wholly into the game, but you can channel it through your thumbs while the rest of your body lies as dead and motionless as it would in our hypothetical future Matrix containment tubes. It takes a little while to get used to it, and figure out what buttons apply to what actions, but hey, it took a while for you to learn how to read, too. Give some years of practice and muscle memory takes over, and soon you too will be able to slay all the civilians in No Russian before your closes compatriots can ever drop their first magazine of ammunition into the screaming crowd.

    Motion controls, meanwhile, are thought → large movement → however long it takes for the console to register that movement → action. It’s not immersion in the sense of a player integrating their head into a game at least as directly into the game as say our thumb scenarios. It’s going in completely the opposite direction to being a total immersive experience.

    I’ll admit even I had some novelty with the Wii during those launching months, and being Nintendo they made some good games for the thing. But as that first year rolled by it became clear the Wii was an experiment, and one that while succeeding did nothing to attribute to the growing potential of games or technological innovation of submersing the player in their respective game of choice. Furthermore given both the PS3 and X-box are already late to this party, drunk and in a beat up 57′ Chevy. You try to be nice to the guys, hell you even told them those young college girls, casual consumers in this rapidly perverse growing scenario, were just dying to talk to them. But sooner than you expected the both of them get angry, slap the girls across the tits respectively and drive off hammered into the night.

    By looking into both consoles coming attractions it’s really only a matter of time before something pretty drastic happens, and both my money and hope is that all respective gaming hardware companies come to same conclusion, that not only is the current level of hardware great and glorious but the hardware is no where near as important as the software and they start investing more funding into developing games with great scope, compelling narrative and game play and if at all possible some tits and pricks for their respective crowds, on adult titles mind you.