Wii Are the Champions [ COMIC ]

It’s definitely not a guest strip celebration without a comic by Chris Simmons of Digital Unrest. Chris has been the only consistency between all of the Dueling Analogs anniversaries of the past 5 years. He’s a great webcomic artist and his guest strips always deliver. I actually love how this comic feels like two separate comics seamlessly meshed together. Thanks again!

As far as all the motion controls being pushed for the consoles I personally think, “Too little, too late.” Nintendo has dominated this trend being the only console to include motion controls from launch. Now four (4) years into the life span of the PS3 and five (5) years into the life cycle of the Xbox 360, these two finally decide to play in the motion control arena. Normally during this point of a consoles life the developer is about to release it’s successor, but not this time. Well, expect for Nintendo. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Wii HD wasn’t released sometime in 2011.

Actually, I think the big problem is these motion control add-ons are like the blu-ray/HD DVD battle. Blu-ray was built in to the PS3 and HD DVD was not for the Xbox 360. And because PS3 users didn’t need to buy any additional hardware to play enhanced movies, blu-ray won. Now you have a choice between getting a Wii with motion controllers from the get go or PS3/Xbox 360 where the experience costs a lot extra. Personally, I wish both companies the best of luck but I’m getting the whole EyeToy vibe from the experience, but I might be wrong.

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