The Cake Is Not A Lie [ COMIC ]

I thought I would name this comic post after the World of Warcraft achievement of the very same name. Bake a cake and get an achievement.

How bad must your life truly be where the promise of cake is enough to make you risk your very existence. Then again, how desperate must you be that your only friend is a weighted companion cube. Regardless, we still have another three (3) months to wait until Portal 2 hits the market.

Update: Just read an article that stated that Portal 2 looks to be pushed back to April.[1]

Today’s guest strip is done by Meghan Murphy of the adorably twisted webcomic Kawaii Not. I actually had the honor of doing a few panels with and enjoying the company of Meghan over the past weekend at AnimeUSA in Arlington, VA. Had a really good time and thanks again from the guest strip.

Oh, not sure what’s going on with all the guest strips? Then read this news post.


  • Ryu

    “Holy crap, it’s like my friend drew this comic and injected every bit of his lame ass jokes into it. I clicked it and it was like I had to hear his voice reciting his worst lame portal cake jokes (which he uses a lot). This isn’t a post of how much I hate this, it’s just a brain bleach moment. I cannot have a visual manifestation of my friend’s audible lameness.”

  • Scott Hall


  • Rokai

    Cake jokes got old two months after the release of Portal.

    • One could say the same about Super Mario Bros. jokes, but they are still being made and are still popular. Besides, Portal is relevant again with Portal 2 on the near horizon.


        That doesn’t mean its funny.

        Seriously, fuck Portal, its jokes weren’t even that funny to begin with.

  • I’mRight

    Could this be less underwhelming?

    • I’mRight


  • Randomgamerdude

    Not your best work…

    • While I do enjoy this comic and feel that Meghan did do a very good job on it, I also feel that it is my responsibility to inform you that I did not create it.

      • Randomgamerdude

        THEN UR DA LIEZ!?!?!@!12431?!#!

  • Chaos

    This probably would have done better a loooooong time ago.

  • Lax

    I knew it was from Kawaii Not! It’s one of the best comics ever!

    • Michelle

      I thought this was funny too.

  • Giuseppe

    portals good

    but i find the fans make it seem more than it is (then again that can be said about any game) specifically the lame cake joke and the annoying credits song


      I wish I could highfive you so hard right now.

  • Pood-lay

    I don’t care what anybody else says, I still love portal! Not to mention Kawaiinot art is adoooorable~ <3

  • Sir VG

    If it was just an uttering of the line, it would not be funny. This was funny and creative.

  • Ken

    i heard April release, i.e. more than three months away.