Things That Would Have Sounded Crazy 10 Years Ago [ COMIC ]

Thank Jebus, for Joe Dunn – The creator of Joe Loves Crappy Movies and half of the team behind Another Videogame Webcomic and Matriculated. As well as the supplier of today’s guest strip. You definitely pulled me out of a pinch.

This has been a really off week for me. Monday was Independence Day, Tuesday I went to Busch Gardens – The Old Country Williamsburg for my daughter’s birthday and yesterday was my daughter’s actual birthday. Needless to say, I’ve been doing a lot of family stuff with week and very little gaming related activities. So I decided to put a call out to Twitter to see if anyone wanted to do a guest strip for today. A lot of you answered me, but in the end I ran Joe “The Hammer” Dunn’s comic. I really appreciate all the guest strips I received and will definitely be holding on to them in case of another rainy day. But for now Joe Dunn done saved the day. Thanks, man!


  • Anonymous

    You could use the same joke, but instead of using angry birds, say “watching my little pony cartoons”. 10 years ago, men would of seemed not right for watching it, and now, most of the fans of the current show are men

    • This man speaks the utmost truth.

      • ThePeebs

        Men watch this show?
        My 2 and a half year old daughter watches this show….

        • Though I would not be considered a bronie I don’t think it’s bad. My daughters watch it and I watch it with them occasionally, too.

          • ThePeebs

            I understand watching it as a parent, I mean in the end we watch 99% of everything our toddlers watch, but to sit there, tune into my little pony, just for shiggles…. I can’t see it. Especially if you have a weiner.

    • corpsegirl

      grown women watch it too

  • Jack C.

    aaah yeah 2001 was a great year. no facebook/twitter/ipads/ipods/isomething/consoles and all of that stupid crappy useless trendy stuff.

    • Kirdex

      If I’m not mistaken Consoles did exist in 2001, N64 PSone, and it was a terrible year.

      • Lain

        I think he was referring to console wars bull.

        • TecXero

          I don’t know about you but I remember Console wars dating all the way back since the early 80s (Atari vs ColecoVision).

      • i belive it was the gamecube in 2001

      • Synapse

        N64 was the last great system. It was a very good year in that regard.

        • Mygaffer

          No way, the original Playstation was the greatest console ever. N64 sucked, old cartridge based BS.

          See, who said there was no console war back then? Since I can remember there have ALWAYS been console wars, as long as their have been competing consoles. The more things change the more they stay the same.

          • Both the N64 and the Playstation had their strengths and weaknesses. One major strength of the N64 was it’s cartridges. For example, because of the cartridge format WWF No Mercy was able to have a survival mode where an endless stream of new wrestlers constantly enter the ring with no load time. It’s a feat that has not been possible on any console since.

          • Kirdex

            Cartridges ruled. I mean how many games can you fix nowadays by simply blowing on them? You get one scratch on a CD and it’s pretty much over unless you wanna buy a CD cleaning kit that usually makes it worse.

  • Awesome66

    I agree with Jack C. times were simple-er. i never got into ipads or facebook or that stuff, but back then, everyone wasnt always using it or talking about it. i had hope for the future of technology. of course, what 8 year old kid didnt? and i never even knew a “my little pony” show existed.

  • BigLord

    “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” is from the same creators of Powerpuff Girls and others, iirc. So no wonder it’s popular among male viewers.

    And btw, you guys should watch at least ONE episode. It has hilarious moments, and it’s genuinely well done.