Things That Would Have Sounded Crazy 10 Years Ago [ COMIC ]

Thank Jebus, for Joe Dunn – The creator of Joe Loves Crappy Movies and half of the team behind Another Videogame Webcomic and Matriculated. As well as the supplier of today’s guest strip. You definitely pulled me out of a pinch.

This has been a really off week for me. Monday was Independence Day, Tuesday I went to Busch Gardens – The Old Country Williamsburg for my daughter’s birthday and yesterday was my daughter’s actual birthday. Needless to say, I’ve been doing a lot of family stuff with week and very little gaming related activities. So I decided to put a call out to Twitter to see if anyone wanted to do a guest strip for today. A lot of you answered me, but in the end I ran Joe “The Hammer” Dunn’s comic. I really appreciate all the guest strips I received and will definitely be holding on to them in case of another rainy day. But for now Joe Dunn done saved the day. Thanks, man!