Light Years Away [ COMIC ]

Thus, the final guest strip is up. Things will get back to “normal” on Monday… See how I did the quoty thing around normal? That means things won’t actually be normal come Monday. Big announcement on Monday and a big comic come Wednesday. Next week should be fun.

Today’s guest strip was supplied by the all-powerful SNAFU master himself, David Stanworth. Funny guy, funny comic, funny guest strip… Not sure if the “G”,”A”, and “Y” being sparkly is Dave showing discontent for Super Mario Galaxy or if he just did it for fun. My guess is for fun because it a great friggin’ game.

Now to preventively diffuse this; I do think Dave knows that light-years is a measurement of distance and not time… a light-year is the distance traveled by light moving in a vacuum in one year. So in the last panel when Mario Jr. finally reaches the other galaxy, its purely coincidental that its 300 years in the future. Or it could be that Dave is exercising the commonly held believe that 24th century technology will allow man to travel faster than the speed of light. Thus, making it possible to traverse previously unobtainable distances in record speeds. Or its just a joke and get over it. One of those should work…