Suicidal Tendencies [ COMIC ]

This has been a nice little hand held week. First there was the strip about the DS Lite crack on Monday and now this. I felt bad while putting this comic together. Granted I’ve already expressed my opinion about the PSP before, but I received an email while I was working on this strip. The email I received was from a reader named Ken. He discussed all the flak that Sony got about the PSP, but he concluded the email with “I’m a glad owner. I love it to bits. It’s the perfect handheld multimedia solution.”… if only he knew a little while later I would be promoting the death of the PSP. I do acknowledge that Sony’s got some interesting ideas for the PSP… whether its the PSOne games available for download or the various news revealed at Comic-Con. But personally… I feel its too little, too late.

Oh, in webcomic gaming news… Gamers Pair of Dice has added two new members to its group Goblins and ActionTrip… check them out.