Mod Squad [ COMIC ]

Just because you can it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.

One guy modified his PSP to also be a cellphone (killing the UMD in the process). And another added a touch screen to the system like the Nintendo DS or an iPhone. Why? The first person destroyed a perfectly good PSP and turned it into a 6.5″ x 3″ cellphone. I thought the idea was to make cellphones smaller, not larger. I’ve got three words for you: Buy an iPhone. And as far as adding a touch screen to the PSP… Well, that is cool. But where is the practicality? You’ve created a mod that, at the end of the day, maybe another handful of people in the world will have done, as well, and how many of them will have designed any application, let alone any application worth using for it? But, I guess that’s just the non-sadistic side of me talking. Or the side that just doesn’t like wasting a few hundred dollars on a PSP when I could have just bought a friggin’ iPhone. Seriously, there is a very clear and simple solution to both of your quests if you just think about it… iPhone!

I just want to let everyone know that I’ve got the Rejected Mega Man Villains poster and Cloud Lied, Aerith Died shirts in. And that if you haven’t already received them, you should be receiving them very soon.

Also, starting this week I will begin the process of turning the Konami Code comic into a full-size poster. And will be posting the process on the blog. So keep an eye out for that.