Crack Saves [ COMIC ] had an article about Nintendo’s response to the DS Lite cracks. I read the article and didn’t pay it much more attention than that, until I saw one of the comments someone left behind on the article. One Crosswayboy said: “I think some action on our part as consumers may need to be taken (e.g. class action suit).” Dude. Seriously, its not that big of a deal. Let’s bring it back down a notch…

When I got my PSP I had a dead pixel on the screen (still do) and that was a given. You want a PSP, you’re going to have dead pixel(s). Actually, I was one of the lucky ones. One dead pixel is nothing. I knew people who had ten or more. I don’t remember any class action lawsuits back then, I just remember a lot of swearing under our breathe.

Two final things, Gamers Pair of Dice did very well in its first week. The group got a lot of notice from a lot of big sites… pretty sweet. And their was a Friday comic last week too, just in case you missed it.