Stupid Blockhead [ COMIC ]

At the same time I came up with the idea for this comic I also came up with a new idea for a t-shirt. So I decided to create a new shirt for and start the pre-order for it today. The shirt is the Evolution of Tetris and with all other pre-orders, you save $2 off the regular price and guarantee yourself a copy of it as well. Below is a design for said shirt:


While making this comic, I learned something new. The pieces in Tetris that I’ve known as tetrads are no longer referred to as such. They are now called tetrominoes. Which is why the five block version in the first panel is called a pentomino. Unfortunately, I could except pentomino into my vocabulary, but tetrads will always be tetrads in my book. I’m not changing my ways on that. Sorry PC Police.

Personally, it’s been a pretty long time since I last played Tetris. I’ve always loved the game. I just haven’t played it in a while. Maybe I’ll play it when Infinite Interactive creates their next Puzzle Quest franchise that looks remarkably like Tetris, but isn’t. You know… just how Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords isn’t Bejeweled or Puzzle Quest: Galactrix isn’t Hexic. My guess is the next one will have something to do with WWII. Maybe Puzzle Quest: Inglourious Basterds.


  • matty

    Dude! Don’t wait for a clone… Tetris Party on WiiWare kills!

  • Anonymous

    T-shirt would have been better if it just said “Evolution” as it’s kind of obvious their tetris blocks.

  • @Anonymous I had a version that had that, but the majority of the people that saw the designs wanted the “of Tetris” as well. I think it’s because of how cool the “o” in of looks and the backwards “t” in Tetris.

  • Pirotechnix

    Alternatively, you could pick up Tetris DS and have a DS game that you will never ever want to get rid of under any circumstances and just skip the obvious clones/rip-offs altogether :D

  • bacchus

    wasn’t tetris inspired by a game called pentominoes?

  • @bacchus Yes, yes it was.

  • Travalgar

    Hey, you got me there! And here I thought a single-block existed in a real Tetris. I mean, it would be an extremely cheap block, don’t you think?

  • pumpkin_samurai

    Any possibility of the shirt appearing in other colours than black?

  • LuigiHann

    Not to be “that guy” but there are certain groups who won’t be pleased with you selling a shirt with the word “Tetris” on it. The Tetris Company, for one.

  • anonymous man

    ^he’s kinda right :\

  • Kama

    Galactrix actually doesn’t play anything like Hexic. Its a shame really, because that style of gameplay would be much better than what is actually in place.

  • @LuigiHann & anonymous man Whenever I’m in doubt, I always ask myself WWSKD

  • MasterEvilAce

    The piece evolved into a tetriserectus