Mass Tetriside [ COMIC ]

I always wondered how the tetrads got themselves into the predicament of falling to their death in the first place… this comic doesn’t answer that question.

I’ve got some pretty lengthy comics in the pipeline. I just had to catch up on some of my current freelance projects before I could run them. Those will start appearing beginning October 1st. Next week will be a World of Warcraft week as both comics will be pertaining to the game. And… AND, they will both be on time too. Put that in your Funk and Wagnall’s.

The donation concept I threw out on Monday is going live next week. I just need to finish a page explaining details about the drive. Should be fun if not interesting to say the least.

I’ve got a new RSS feed url. So if you’ve you’re a member of Bloglines or Netvibes or any other rich service provider, add it to your list. If you’re on LiveJournal… use this.

Neat thing I learned after setting up the new RSS feed was how many subscribers I had to it. I was expecting maybe a hundred or two with most of those being from LiveJournal. Nope. There’s almost 2,100 subscribers to the Dueling Analogs RSS feed. Its cool to know that that many more people are reading the strip.

Lastly, if you haven’t seen the Awesomes before then you definitely need to check them out. I know there’s more out there than this, but its a good chunk of Awesomes… including Awesome Fantasy VII which is spot friggin’ on.