Tetris Love [ COMIC ]

Ah, Tetris… of all the puzzle games I have ever played, I love you the most. Granted Bust-a-Move is a very close second.

I believe I truly fell in love with Tetris during the Christmas of 89′. I remember my three crowning achievements in that game. First, I got the Kremlin to blast off during A Mode. Second, when I actually made it to level 20 without cheating (holding “A” while you pressed “START” skipped you 10 levels ahead). Lastly, when I beat level 9-5 under B Mode and got to see the really weird looking Nintendo characters having a musical jamboree (still haunts me). I don’t actually believe the achievements happened in that order, though.

Regardless, I love Tetris as much as a man can love a puzzle game… when you’re young and curious, that’s a lot.