Battle of the Bulge [ COMIC ]

I honestly don’t know if the PS3 Slim or the PS3 Skinny or the PS3 Anorexic is really in the works or not. There’s pictures online of the box and the shell:
Playstation 3 Slim
And lots of articles talking about it. But until it’s officially announced, I would take it with a grain of salt. Still, Sony did release the PSOne and the thinner version of the Playstation 2. So its a possibility that this might actually be true as well. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Don’t forget the new Evolution of Tetris pre-order phase is still in affect. And that anyone who pre-orders it is saves $2 off of the regular price. The pre-order phase is only running through May 28th. So I recommend pre-ordering yours TODAY. I’ll type pre-order one more time for good luck.



  • The punchline is kinda lame, but I still smiled lol

  • The Anarchyz

    The Wii is possibly the only console not only surviving without 3rd party, but being a true cash cow without 3rd party, they only needed to throw their Wii stuff, some core Ninty games and with that the Wii is almost 50 million worldwide…

    I already have a PS3, so i don’t know if i’m getting the Slim one, if that’s true…

  • Dwarg91

    The Wii does have 3rd party developers. How else could Wii games have crappy and overly convulted control schemes?

  • I like the extra implied joke that some of the fat Sony cut “awat” was the spell check.

    If that was unintentional then I’m sorry. I know Photoshop doesn’t have spell check. Learned that the hard way a couple of times.

    I think the whole PS3 Slim thing is a hoax. It’s way too early in the console’s lifecycle for a slimlined version and unless they’re cheaper to produce I can’t see any reason why Sony would bother.

  • This is most likely to happen. Sony have a tendancy of releasing GIANT Behemoths of a console which is a lot of random space, mostly to make it look nice.
    It will be cheaper (obviously) due to less materials being used in each one (duh)

  • Superninfreak

    Awat eh?

  • @evan No, the “awat” was not intentional.

    Sony introduced the slimmed version of the Playstation 2 four years after the launch of normal PS2. The PS3 came out over two and half years ago. Shorter amount of time, but the Playstation 2 sold a lot better than the PS3 is and it didn’t cost as much money to make. That’s the reason why I’m inclined to believe that this might be legit. Sony’s desire to stop the hemorrhaging of money it loses on the current design of the PS3.

  • Slywolf15

    Hey, as long as the PS3 prices come down in some way, shape, or form, this makes me very happy. I mean sheesh, I can get a 360 for 150 or less for the premium although I still can’t get a 40 gig PS3 for less than 300 bucks?

  • Lord Shplane

    Actually almost every PS3 game I own is made by a third party developer. :o

  • Lord Shplane

    Oh wait, you were saying that the Wii doesn’t have any good third party games? Or what?

    I feel stupid now. ):

  • @Lord Shplane I direct your attention to this comic: and the post that goes with it, too.

  • Maya

    I hope this is true. I also hope they put backwards compatibility back in, which would drive a lot more people – myself included – to finally break down and get a PS3.