Battletoad, Battletoader, Battletoadest [ COMIC ]

Never take advice from a man who wears an olive colored shirt and an orange tie. Or a corporation that only has one window on its headquarters.

Honestly, I have no idea who owns the rights to Battletoads. I believe it’s Midway since they acquired Williams who had the rights after acquired them from Tradewest. But, Rare Ltd. created the original game and they might have still had some stock in it. So Microsoft might own them now. Who knows? Whoever it is still needs to make a sequel. It’s an awesome franchise and deserves a new game.

Pardon the dust and delays right now. I’ve moving the line/coloring for Dueling Analogs from Illustrator to Photoshop to speed things up (in the long run) and give the art a little more of a human feel.