Square Peg, Round Hole [ COMIC ]

Did you know August ’07 was the last time Jeremy the Sony PR Gnome appeared in Dueling Analogs? I didn’t realize it was that long ago. Huh…

As far as dead pixels on a PSP, I guess I was lucky. I only had one. From what I read at the time of launch, you were pretty much guaranteed to have at least one. So I guess I got the best possible outcome. Plus, it was in the upper right corner where you could barely see it. Not sure if that issue has been resolved with the newer versions or not.

HEY LISTEN!!! Don’t forget about the donation drive on the home page of Dueling Analogs. It’s only been two days and we’re about 10% of the way there, which is mighty impressive. But we’ve still got a way to go. May sure to ready the details for further incentives. And thanks to everyone who’s donated so far, I greatly appreciate it.