Cool Winter Breeze [ COMIC ]

Ah the ever continuing not so Final Fantasy… In honor of the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy, Square Enix is releasing two new updated ports of Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II. Now, these aren’t 3D versions of the game like they did with Final Fantasy III for the DS. But the graphic overall is really sweet. As far as characters and enemies these are not just updated color palettes like previous versions, but completely new designs… kind of curious what Brian Clevinger thinks of the whole thing. Needless to say, they do look friggin’ sweet and I intend to pick both of them up for the PSP… even though I’ve already beaten both games a few times already.

Does today’s comic look different? Like the character design for this comic? That’s nice. I don’t. So if you do like it, I recommend downloading this comic and keeping a copy of it locally on your own computer. Because by the end of this week, the characters will be updated to match the regular art direction. Don’t worry, I’ve been known to do stuff like this before.

[edit: Monday 11:08pm 04.23.07]

The more I look at the comic, the more I like it. Still the art direction is anything but polished. I’m going to toy with this style on my own time and keep Dueling Analogs looking normal. So for anyone that downloaded this comic and thought they could use it against me one day for some nefarious scheme, no such luck as I’m keeping it the way it is.