Pixel Twist [ COMIC ]

I used an actual Alisa Kiss picture for added realism. That’s just how dedicated I am.

Sorry for the delay with the comic. I really wasn’t feeling too hot yesterday. Glad I feel better today as I was worried I’d be sick for my birthday on Sunday. I’m really hoping to have everything on time for Monday’s comic. Already have both of next weeks comics written. But for me the artwork is the time consuming part.

You know it was six months to the day that I did last pixel comic?

That’s about it. Just finished the comic and want to keep the posting short and sweet. So, I’ll see you Monday…

Update: Thanks for all of you who have wished me a Happy Birthday. And to bulk answer some of the emails, yes there is already a donation button on the home page of Dueling Analogs. And yes, that would be a nice gift. Here’s a direct link to the donation, too. I really appreciate the responses and offers. It comes at a good time as money is very tight right now. Especially with a new daughter on the way in December. Whether it is a donation, buying something from BigBoomBomb.com or a simple email. They’re all appreciate and all help. Money just helps more ;)