Lair, Lair, Patch who Cares! [ COMIC ]

Lair is finally getting it’s patch on Thursday [source PS3 Fanboy]. Neat!

PS3 Fanboy says: The update not only allows a left analogue stick control scheme, but a better aiming function as well as two new dragons to mount and ride. Yep — now you have the Wind and Poison dragons at your beck and call. But that’s not all — new custom themes will be available that change at random on startup.

Now the real question is: Does anyone really care? The game got so much bad PR that I’m not sure what could possibly help it. Seriously. Maybe Factor 5 should just lick their wounds, say “fine” and go make a new Rogue Squadron game.

Oh, and don’t forget to scroll down on the Dueling Analogs homepage for details about a brand new donation drive.