Something Borrowed, Something Blue [ COMIC ]

I doubt this comic will look familiar to most of you. Its a guest strip I did for my other webcomic (don’t ask me how someone can do a guest strip for their own creation as I still haven’t figured that out), the outer circle, back in March of this year. And since most of you hadn’t seen it before and I’m cramped for time with a bunch of freelance projects, I felt this would be a better substitute than random filler or a delayed update. Speaking of which, I’m trying to get a few comics together that I can hold on to just incase of an emergency. That way updates won’t be delayed anymore. Its a good plan, lets see if I can implement it.

I’ve always liked this comic. Its fun seeing a more animated Peekaboo than I’m used to and the comics humor is definitely more the outer circle than Dueling Analogsprime example of one of my favorite comics from the outer circle. Different audiences, different senses of humor.

Just a heads up, next Saturday is the two year anniversary of Dueling Analogs. Does that mean I have something planned? Maybe. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see…