Guest Strip by Scott DeWitt [ COMIC ]

Mucho thanks to Scott Dewitt for today’s comic. More about that in a little bit…

Sunday with be the two year anniversary of Dueling Analogs. To celebrate the event, and give myself a little down time, I asked some of my buddies in the webcomic community to do some guest strips. I was honored that they actually took me up on the offer. As well as extremely pleased and impressed with what they produced. So enjoy the week of webcomics from some of my favorite creators in the community and I will get caught up on other stuff… more details to come.

Today’s comic was created by Scott Dewitt a.k.a. the creative genius behind F@NB0Y$… a brilliant, yet difficult to quickly type its name comic. I’m also honored to say that F@NB0Y$ is a fellow member of Gamers Pair of Dice. Scott creates great gaming comics as well as other treats that I find friggin’ hilarious and that most of you won’t get… green monkeys anyone? If those reasons aren’t enough, Scott reads Shortpacked! as well and that makes him cool. So add F@NB0Y$ to your daily reads and enjoy it. Remember, I’m not only a guest strip receiver, but also a fan… boy… s. Thanks again, Scott.