Moogle, Moogle on the wall… [ COMIC ]

Though I’m posting news on Tuesday, the comic did update on Monday. I wanted to make sure that everything got back on schedule. Even though it was an evening comic, it was still a Monday comic.

I had fun at NekoCon X this weekend and look forward to attending next year. Speaking of conventions, I’ve almost got my list of cons I will be attending finalized for 2008. I’m only waiting on details from two cons… one of which is MAGfest VI. Here’s hoping that posting a link might expedite the process… hint, hint!

Now for the traditional convention pimpage… I got to meet the guys from Death by Pixel and Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, got to talk to David Lister of Paradox Lost again (awesome guy), sold some wares and had a late dinner with the crews from Morlock Enterprises, Hookie Dookie Panic, Blue and Blond, Bored and Evil, Dominic Deegan and Comedity… speaking of Comedity, make sure to pre-order their first book as I am definitely looking forward to it and you should too. I know I forgot to mention a few webcomics I met there. So if you’re seeing this and you’re one of them contact me and let me know.

Oh, yeah. Harry Potter + Final Fantasy = this comic, dur…