Guest Strip by Chris Thomas and James Walker [ COMIC ]

Special thanks to Chris “Chrysis” Thomas and James “JJ” Walker of for today’s guest strip. This comic was originally going to be the launch strip of a guest strip section of Dueling Analogs, but this is a good place for it right now.

My schedule got a little hectic and it was a life saver that I had this comic handy. Alas, it is not one of my own creations. So this week Dueling Analogs will have an additional third comic on Friday just so I can keep up appearance.

Lastly, S+F Software is looking for a pixel artist or multiple pixel artists to help them port one of thier PC titles to the Sega Dreamcast… that’s right, the Sega Dreamcast. Its a really cool prospect and it pays too… just check out the details page for the specifics and more information.