Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles [ COMIC ]

“Heroes in a Pokéball. Squirtle Power!

They say to never trust someone with two first names, but I decided to forgo that warning and ask Chris Jeffery, of Cartridge Comics fame, to do a guest strip for Dueling Analogs. Glad I did. The mashup of TMNT and squirtle is a perfect combination and would definitely make short work of the first level in the arcade game, as well. Cowabunga!

Oh, not sure what’s going on with all the guest strips? Then read this news post. And bearing some unforeseen circumstance, this is going to be the final guest strip before I return to my regularly scheduled webcomicking duties on Monday.


  • David Herbert

    I would so play this game.

  • Da Mighty Camel

    This needs to be made…

  • Onipuck

    Damn straight this game needs to be made, but the need the shades.

    Or at least the Donatello one does.

  • The problem is that one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles games would probably have a bullshit level requiring you to defuse bombs on a dam. Yes, I am scarred for life.

  • Randomgamerdude

    I’m scared about their evolution now…

    • If they evolved, we could probably safely assume they’d lost the “teenage” as well.

      I can’t remember if we sang this song on one of the old Bulbacast’s or not. We twisted the lyrics for the whole thing to fit the theme. ^^;

  • The Squirtle Squad vs. the Foot Clan (all of it).

    Shortest. Battle. Ever.

  • Kyree

    I’d play it. Somebody get this made!

  • Chaos

    Does that make the Shredder a Scizor?

  • jimfromtx

    I would so play this game, too. Squirtles wouldn’t be doing the wussy “My toe, my toe!”

    • Marvin

      No, they’d be jumping up and down, holding their feet, saying “Squir-TLE! Squir-TLE!!” (you know, because that’s all a Pokemon can say, is it’s name..)

  • corpsegirly

    this came must be created!

  • Anvil

    Very funny, but might I comment that the title of the game title implied it was a spoof of the first turtles game yet the drawing was of the 2nd game.

    • Only if you’re just thinking home consoles. I was actually talking about the arcade game.