Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [ COMIC ]

If you’ve never actually played League of Legends, allow Jen to explain:

“It’s not an MMO, it’s more of like, a weird RTS. Basically, it’s the newest version of DotA, which was originally a map of Warcraft III that kind of let you play as the hero characters in team fights against your friends–your goal being to destroy their base. Games typically last 30-40 minutes, or if you’re playing on the new map they just made (Dominion), then like, 20 minutes or less. So yeah, like, if you combine a hack/slash RPG with an RTS, that’s LoL. And it’s free! XD”

As you can already guess, today’s guest strip is done by the equally talented and adorable creator of Mystic Revolution Jen Brazas. Thanks Jen, you’re awesome!