Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [ COMIC ]

If you’ve never actually played League of Legends, allow Jen to explain:

“It’s not an MMO, it’s more of like, a weird RTS. Basically, it’s the newest version of DotA, which was originally a map of Warcraft III that kind of let you play as the hero characters in team fights against your friends–your goal being to destroy their base. Games typically last 30-40 minutes, or if you’re playing on the new map they just made (Dominion), then like, 20 minutes or less. So yeah, like, if you combine a hack/slash RPG with an RTS, that’s LoL. And it’s free! XD”

As you can already guess, today’s guest strip is done by the equally talented and adorable creator of Mystic Revolution Jen Brazas. Thanks Jen, you’re awesome!


  • Morbox

    It’s actually a genre that was very popular in Warcraft 3 maps called Aeon of Strife, based on the first maps of this type in Starcraft. The Starcraft modding community of 10 or more years ago is, by the way, also the basis of the tower defense genre. It’s interesting how these things panned out. First, there were RTS games with some modding capability in their maps, then sub-genres emerged, then indie game programming became a viable business solution and now there’s TDs and AoS’s you can pay for all over the place. Well, mostly TDs. Can anyone else think of a similar example?

    • Larrik

      Team Fortress and other Half-Life mods are a good example.

      • Wasn’t Counter-Strike a Half-Life mod at first?

  • Tony

    Actually DotA 2 is the new DotA =p
    Is this what happens to those game ruining noobs at night?

    • Well, Guinsoo who kinda made DotA: Allstars was one of the guys who helped develop LoL, so prior to Valve buying Ice Frog, it basically was, haha. And c’mon, support the lil’ guys! Spirit of indie games and all that!

      As for game-ruining n00b nightmares, well, we were all level 1 once ;x

      • Riot were the little guys right up until they were bought by a Chinese company and now they’re throwing millions of dollars of prize money to keep Dota 2 at bay.

        It’s nice that Guinsoo and company make huge amounts of money from the game but they didn’t invent the game. IceFrog stuck with Dota the longest and finally gave in to pushing it to a professional development when Valve offered him everything he needs to make it the best.

        Both games deserve to exist though they are very very similar to each other save some game rule variations and Riot’s adherence to Warcraft III’s art style.

      • WCDire_Wolf

        You’ve never missed an arrow that bad Sparrow! Wait…

        Just kidding.

  • Kelsey

    I used to play LoL alot…. then for numerous reasons I quit playing and now hate that game with a passion.

  • Mire

    That’s RTS/RPG genre you’re trying to explain is really a MOBA :)

    • Yeah, but Steve had never played a moba game before, so I thought explaining it as kind of rpg/hackslash/rts-ey was close enough XD

  • Anon

    Stopped reading at “new Dota”

    • Fata_Morgana

      Stopped reading at “stopped reading at”.

  • some guy

    I still have the DotA wc3 map. not DotA:all stars. DotA, the one by Eul. I also have Eul’s preliminary DotA 2 map. My favorite art of DotA: all starts is how it basicly started out as a complete fucking sham. DotA was popular on RoC then TFT game out with it’s amazing new map editor with an actual ability editor. So about a million shitty clones popped up before Eul even had a chance. Then one cunning shit decided to take all the heroes he could steal from all the ripoffs and throw them into one map and call it DotA: All stars.