Dr. Wario [ COMIC ]

This is this year’s Ryan Estrada guest for Ryan Estrada Guest Strip Day II. He did a comic last year and did another one this year, plus countless for other webcomics. And since I already made a wicked post about Ryan last year and there’s no reason to rewrite a perfectly good paragraph. I decided to repost it again here this year:

When you are talking about webcomics, supposedly Scott McCloud’s is synonymous with the topic. I disagree. When I think of webcomics I think of Ryan Estrada… the guy has his hand in everything. From his numerous comics and various projects, to Director of Ceremonies for The Web Cartoonist’s Choice Awards, to drug trafficking, to Michael Vicks’ illegal dogfighting scandal and of course this guest strip. So when I found out that he was celebrating his site’s fourth year anniversary as well as the fact that he became a full time cartoonist, I was jealous. Then when he gave me this guest strip, I became emotionally neutral. Still, he deserves some props. So head over to his site and to artist commune that he started in Mexico and share some love. Congratulations, Ryan.

See. Wasn’t that worth reposting?

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