Nintendo 38DDs [ COMIC ]

So Nintendo announced a new hardware that is currently being called the Nintendo 3Ds. But what, if anything, do we actually know about the Nintendo 3Ds?
Nintendo 3Ds logo
Well for starters it’s suppose to be released sometime before March of next year, it’s going to be backwards compatible and it’s going to be in 3D. We’re not just talking 3D polygons like the current DS, but 3D as in trippy movie Avatar 3D, but without the glasses. Which lends me to believe that the display screen will send slightly different images to the left and right eyes — mimicking our stereoscopic view of the real world. At least that’s my guess. Then, again this is Nintendo we are talking about. And nobody knew what the hell the Nintendo Revolution Wii was going to be until we finally saw Nintendo officially announce it and this might be the same thing. Worst case scenario we have to wait until E3 in June to find out.

That’s it for this week. Make sure to return Monday for what I hope will be a very big Dueling Analogs announcement. See you then!


  • David Herbert

    I think DoA Volleyball would get a few fans as well.

  • Lax

    And let’s not forget about GTA! Killing people in 3D, just what your kids need :D Love the logo resemblance to the Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds series

  • Bob Byrne

    I’m old enough to remember Gameboy 3D and I’m still getting migraines/therapy twice a week. Odd that they released the logo so soon too, they’ll probably change it last minute like the wii though. ‘Poo 3D’

  • MarthKoopa

    With the advent of 3D hentai games on the PC, I can see a huge outburst of 3D ecchi games on the DS…. and lots of turbo nerds marrying their new found 3D anime wives

  • Kriztov

    Here’s hoping that they’re putting hologram technology into videogames. I’d like to play some holo-mario.

  • 3D can sort of work with hand helds because you’ll only ever be looking at them directly face on, so it is easier to do it with no glasses, the main problem with TV screens is that there would be only a small section where it works, like old LCD screens where if you started to get at an angle, the colours would go balls up.
    One thing I don’t quite get, is that BOTH screens aren’t straight on at your face, one is at an angle… plus it’s going to be migraine city when you’ve got your fuzzy 3D being interrupted by an actual 3D hand. It’s ambitious… I would like to see how it works out though…

  • bidoopoo

    As long as it doesn’t wind up being another “Virtualboy”, I’m good.

    Hell, I just got over the last headache that thing gave me, and I haven’t played it since it came out in the 90’s for gods-sake…

  • Klas Mattsson

    It’s not 3D-eye candy, it’s virtual 3D which changes view based on which angle you look at the screen.

    This doesn’t mean increased depth perception, it means that you can tilt your head in game.

    This will be achieved by having a camera monitor your movements.

    It’s not really 3D, but it’s an interesting thing to add to several types of games and will be a pretty unique hand-held experience since that technique is pretty much worthless when sitting on a computer screen or a TV, on a computer since you don’t move enough, on a TV because you don’t always sit in the same place so it would need to be calibrated every time, and, even if you did it would ALSO suffer the same issue as the computer screen.

  • kebabi

    @ Klas Mattsson
    This is what the Shacknews said yesterday: “Meanwhile, Yomiuri Shimbun writes “it is believed that the system will use a Sharp 3D LCD panel.” Reportedly, it features a filter on top of the screen that causes left and right eyes to perceive a slightly different image, thus producing the promised 3D effects.”

    By that, I think that it actually will have the depth perception because that sounds a lot like the 3D used in movies. On the other hand, that info is not confirmed.

  • Sam2009

    One console comes to mind: VirtuaBoy

  • prime_pm

    This would sound interesting if not for my lazy eye.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    I am against 3D. I mean, if they start having 3D ecchi games, I won’t be able to use my old rallying cry: I’m only interested in 2D girls!

  • @TheyCallMeTomu You can still do 2D in 3D, but it will just be 2.5D. I actually think 2D are will look really cool on a 3D system.

  • Let’s hope that with Sharp parallax barrier technology Nintendo can deliver what seems could be a revolution in mobile gaming. I think the key will be the quality of head movement tracking (or even eye tracking? That would be awesome) made by the camera, maybe with some help from the accelerometer.

  • TechXero

    Leave it to nintendo to produce another gimick =P

  • Jim

    Let’s just hope they learned their mistakes from the Virtual Boy.

  • Maxwell

    Why the hell is everyone now obsessed with turning every TV, computer screens and gaming consoles into 3d?
    I’m so sick of this 3d crap. I blame Avatar, once the companies saw that it made a shitload of money, all of a sudden everyone and their grandma is talking about 3d like they just invented it or something.
    It’s just like the 80’s when the 3d glasses fad came out and everyone was talking about how it’s going to be the next big step in entertainment
    Well I for one hate 3D (and not just because I have medical issues which prevent me from viewing “three-dimensional screens”), I hate it because it’s just a new publicity stunt which once again diverts us from developing real three-dimensional holographic technologies which they promised but never made them a reality, just like the flying car and colonies on mars
    And I like 2D so screw you James Cameron

  • bidoopoo

    The only 3D experience I enjoyed (other than a half remembered weekend in Tijuana) was that Disney attraction “Honey I shrunk the audience”, and only then because the special effects they used on the audience scared my aunt so badly she accidentally ripped a cheek-flapper at the quietest part of the movie.

    I was dying with laughter.

  • These should be worth mentioning on that matter:

    Head-tracking based 3D-illusion with Wii: [especially from 2:30 onwards, best watched in HQ]
    head-tracking based 3D-illusion with DSi:

  • Dragon Overlord Areku

    Sounds like an interesting concept. I especially like the “backwards-compatibility” part. I think I’ll hold off on buying a DS for now and wait and see what this newer console will be like. If it ends up being just a flop like the virtualboy, at least I can still buy the older DS’s…and probably at a cheaper price, too ;D.

  • LOL at the “Green grocer’s apostrophe” logo of Nin-Ten-Do! 3D’s. Is that supposed to be a Salamence?

  • @TheLupineOne Yes, yes it is.

  • Ido

    I call Virtua Boy 2.

  • Ulrich/Pablo

    I’m not really sure about 3D tecnology… kinda like… I don’t really care. An update of graphics would be extremely thanked by me thou.

  • Just wondering, why particularly a Salamance from Pokemon 3rd Gen as the sillohette behind the 3Ds logo? Love the design by the way, setting Parody of Yugioh’s sad excuse for a sequel.